Thursday, 30 December 2010

This year I have...

Learned to snowboard - kinda
Watched this guy leave work...
...and this one...
...and this awesome gal :(

Found a guy I kinda like

Continued the grand tradition of hair flicking
Added more sheep to my collection - little singing Irish ones...
...and big soft most-suitable-for-preschool-children ones

Met some 'celebrities'
Actually appreciated Summer for the first time ever
Ate a good amount of pizza
Made a pest of myself
Seen some awesome bands - Hanson, my first love...
...and Snow Patrol, a more recent love
Most importantly, laughed a lot

Happy New Year!


Monday, 27 December 2010

The come down...

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a fun day - I was stressed to the max on Friday night after finishing work late, but as you can see I calmed down a bit after a beer!
This is my BFF Mhairi, home for the hols. Not seen her since the summer so it was great to catch up - we just got overexcited and yapped all night :D
Christmas morning, and my 'wee' brother decided to wear his super cool onesie. Yeah. What's the deal with these?! My cousins and bro's girlfriend all got sets for Christmas, its not good...
However, my little cousin also got this awesome gift of a mad toy hamster - you press a button on it and it says 'off we go!' and scoots about the floor, haha! It provided much fun and giggles.
Here's my cousin Anya in my cool Russian hat. She didn't love it...
My mum wears Converse! And cool jeans. And a fab men's wool M&S jumper. Nice to see I'm rubbing off on her!
And here's some of my awesome pressies! Mother thinks its funny to buy me a toy every year, so this year I got a Timmy version of Buckaroo, which I got to put stickers on! That also explains the Kinder eggs, haha! Managed to get 3 big boxes of Ferrero Rocher (1 of which may have been polished off for breakfast) and enough sugary products to fill a crisp box. Kinda feel sick looking in it...
Here's the whole selection! Sis-in-law got me a giant Timmy - she always turns up with something excellent like that, I love it! Also received many books and DVDs, aren't Amazon wish lists excellent? :)
A close up of the book/DVD selection - complete ER boxset is particularly excellent as I keep running out of TV shows to watch. Haven't seen ER since around season 8 so will be good to catch up. Plus my movie highlights of the year, A-Team and Wild Target. Also got KickAss today so gotta have a movie day soon!

Hope Santa was good to everyone!


Friday, 24 December 2010

Pressies! Good ones too...

So had yet another trip to the sorting office yesterday before work - this time it was something for me tho so totally worth it! It was the awesome 'mystery prize' I won on Alex's giveaway last week, yay! And a v good mystery prize it was too - along with the swan tin came a gorgeous gold coloured scarf and a v cute (handmade?) bird brooch. Which may or may not have ended up on my work fleece with my name tag and Thats What She Said badge... :) Thanks Alex!

Actually, being a bit of a loser, the card was one of my favourite things - but look how pretty it is! It even has tiny writing and detailing on it, think its going in my permanent collection.
In other news, I gave my US TV loving friend her pressie yesterday and she txt last night to say she'd opened it. I call this cheating, but it also gave me an excuse to open mine. And since she always give just the BEST presents, I was quite happy to do so. She didn't disappoint either - I got this fab Office mug and water bottle! And a copy of The Hunger Games book, which I've never heard of but she assures me is brilliant. Man I'm loving Christmas so far!
Here's a random selection of decorations from my little tree, including the toadstools Mother bought me and the M&S penguin we got a few weeks ago - it kinda takes over half the tree haha!
Well, I'm off to fine tune our plan to get out of work early - at the mo it involves films starting early (ahem...) and us helping cleaners blitz the screens after closing - I'll be in Mother's local before 10pm if all goes well!

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine...

Or cherry and coconut to be precise, in the form of a breakfast scone... yum!

Damn my cold! Its getting more intense - today Mother took me to Dobbies for breakfast before we did the Xmas Big Food Shop (def a highlight of the year!) and I just looked like death, eyes and nose streaming, hankie stuck to my nostrils, ugh! We were pretty productive tho, managed to just about navigate thru Asda, despite the many cages/trollies/old people present. Like to think my sniffing loudly did the trick in clearing a path!
Managed to finish my wrapping today, yay! Well just got a jumper for my uncle to go - I knitted it aaaages ago and somehow sewed it up wrong, so tomorrow I get to unpick it and attept to fix it by Saturday - good thing I work better under pressure!

Here's what I wore today - funnily enough it involved boots again! But managed to work in some femininity with these awesome vintage Etam culottes I found a few weeks ago - never mind that I was padded out with 2 pairs of tights and knee socks...
Cardi - Charity shop £2
Top - Long Tall Sally sale £5
Culottes - Charity shop £2
Boots - Converse $65
Here's a close up of my excellent Converse boots - they're a wool and leather mix so keep my feet toasty while managing to keep me upright in the snow. Can't get better than that!


Monday, 20 December 2010

5 days to go...

Oh lordy, how cold is it?! My flat (complete with electric radiators) is FREEZING right now, been trying to keep out it as much as possible. Actually can't get undressed and in a shower unless I've been out and exercised first to heat up a bit, its shocking. Serves me right for moving in the summer... Because of all the horrible snow, I've mostly been dressing like this...
...which is not good! There's no imagination and prettiness, only practicality. Sigh... Unsurprisingly, I'm now ill, haha! (its not funny but I'm just having a not great day, gotta laugh!)

We had our works night out on Thursday - here's some highlights...
Me and my fellow projectionist Sandy, cheesing it up.
Me and my fellow US TV lover pal Leanne doing our Jim Halpert faces
Me and fellow pretty dress wearer Amy dancing it up - my dress is an oldie from New Look that I got on eBay for like £2 earlier this year :)

A definite highlight-of-the-year happened at the weekend - I was staying at Sean's place on Saturday since we'd planned to go out in Glasgow. This plan got canned at the last minute, but despite feeling nauseous and having to get the train, I went anyway to avoid staying in my flat. Turns out it was a good thing I did, cause he gave me my Christmas pressie - and it was only tickets to see The Script at Wembley Arena in March. AAAAAHHHHH!!! Managed to jump around a bit when I opened it, hehe. Kinda put my gift of a Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray in the shade... Can't quite believe he remembered me saying I couldn't get tickets for the Glasgow gig months ago, sometimes men surprise us eh!
Anyway, I'll sign off for now, leaving you with a pic of the 2 greatest voices in music at the moment - Taylor Swift and Danny from The Script (yes, I have a HUGE thing for Taylor Swift - she knows my soul)


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Just a little post today, not taken many pics this week for a change - am now dying for my new camera, roll on post Christmas sales! Got exciting news when I logged on today - turns out I won a prize from the excellent Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks giveaway, yay! Feeling great admiration towards Alex for managing to put together 12 days worth of goodies. :)
Spend the last 2 days in Glasgow with Sean - yesterday we decided to make up an awesome plan of action, so we got the train into town intending to see a panto. Then we realised it was a Tuesday and therefore very unlikely any would have matinees on. So he took me to the GFT instead. Now for someone so obsessed with projection and old cinemas, its amazing I'd never been here before! We got there just in time to see Its a Wonderful Life (amazing as ever in digital, was weepy by the end haha!) and then managed to get a mini tour of projection - I was in heaven! The building is amazing, so elegant and pretty, if anyone gets a chance to visit, do it!
Have also put my Christmas tree up. It was donated to me by our handyman last week - its only little but does the job - however, most of my decor is still in Mother's loft so its looking a bit boring at the mo, will be spruced up tomorrow after a swift trip home for my haircut.
This is my fave thing at the moment - when in Florida I was determined to buy a Disney themed tree decoration, and when I saw this Pixar lamp, I had to have it!


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mmm, comfy cosy Winterness!

Ah, the thaw has finally hit Scotland! V happy about that - had an unfortunate falling-on-my-ass incident the other day. While I was wearing my snow boots. So was feeling rather unsafe after that. Managed to get some shopping done and finally made it back to the gym after a month of not running after hurting my leg. I may be weird, but I just love being in the gym, I always leave feeling happy and energised, especially now my running is improving. It was interesting being all sweaty and hot while watching the snow out the window tho!

So after the running and the showering, it was deemed acceptably late enough (4.45pm...) to put on my pjs. Well, a modified version anyway. Picked up this nightie at a charity shop last week for £1.50 - its lovely and soft and cosy, and was my size for a change! Somehow whenever I find nightwear in charity shops its always too big... My flat has been freezing lately so with some tights, this awesome jumper and my fave slippers, I'm good to go!
As you may have guessed, I'm a bit in love with Shaun the Sheep - I got these socks for Christmas many, many years ago and they're still going strong. Plus they match my amazing slippers!
Unfortunately, I'm working all weekend so won't be wearing my pj collection, just some ugly black combats and trainers. We're still missing films cause of the snow so I also may have some making up of films to do if they ever show up. In the meantime, its all Smallville and knitting. I'm making this scarf for a girl at work to go with the make up bag of the last post for her Secret Santa pressie - gotta get it finished for Thursday so been knitting faster than usual!


Monday, 6 December 2010

Yup, its snowing...

Hi y'all! Well yes, we now have snow in west Scotland. Its a bummer. Didn't help that I stayed in Glasgow last night and had to battle a blizzard and v slippy motorway to get home for work this morning. I really am stupid sometimes...
Here's a lovely pic from my car taken last week - it was just starting to snow as I left for work, spent most of the day sitting in front of the heater (which is now broken, aah!)
Had a pretty productive Saturday - made this little cosmetic bag as a pressie for my secret santa recipient, it'll be getting filled with mini toiletries I've bought over the year. Managed to get some shopping done in the afternoon, but was a bit of a nightmare navigating M&S and the like - learned my lesson, just bought almost everything else on Amazon!
Sunday was spent with Sean on a Random Day Trip. We planned on heading for Stirling, but took a wring turn somewhere and ended up at the Falkirk Wheel. Was a fun visit, even if the wheel wasn't working because the canal was frozen. Instead we watched an educational video then padded about in knee deep snow.
I usually have a bit of a snow aversion, but I was all wrapped up and the sun was shining and we were on an adventure where I didn't have to drive. So all was good in the world :) Didn't even mind that the snow went in my boots (much...).
We eventually made it to Stirling and climbed up to the castle as the sun was setting - the views were incredible, made me wish for my new camera even more! Hopefully after Christmas I'll have made enough money and it'll be all mine!

We ended the day with a double bill of cinema - Monsters and Harry Potter in Imax - gotta use up those free tickets!


Monday, 29 November 2010

Lots of lovely bargains!

Well just about managed to get up at a reasonable time today - was still absolute freezing torture tho! Here's my awesome outfit of the day - I found this dress a few months ago in a charity shop, and after shortening it I'm now in love, its just a perfect fit and so easy to dress up or down.
Dress - Charity shop £4
Cardigan - Charity shop £2
Socks - Wal-Mart 3 for $5
Boots - Converse $65
I'm also in love with these boots - found them in a Converse outlet store for half price and just had to have them!

Here's some charity shop bargains I found before my hols, enjoy!
Big bag of rollers - 50p
Sewing basket - £1
Books - 50p each
Purse - 50p
Scarves - £1 each
HP book (last one I had to get!) - £2
Italian lambswool fur hat (so soft!) - £3
Vintage Disney hat - 50p
Book - free!
Brand new Nine West shoes (in my size!) - £3
Ralph Lauren wool sweater - £1
Vintage stripe tshirt, high waist denims & tie - 10p each
Not really bargains, but I was searching for face wipes for hols and came across some with my name on! This NEVER happens (the curse of having a foreign name) so had to buy them! Also got some 'non-slip' headbands (they're not) and what turned out to be equally rubbish kirby grips. Is the hairdresser the only person with kirbys that actually hold my hair?!


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