Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Work work work...

Got to spent all weekend at work, yay... However, I did manage to have some fun in between - went out on Friday night with some of my best buddies, had a few drinks (ok quite a few...) and fell in love with a tall, beautiful guy - who I think was gay. Ah well! This 'outfit post' was taken at end of night, so excuse the random pose/expression.
Vintage coat from last weeks charity bonanza - £10
Vintage M&S cami (pj?) top - £2
Gap skirt - 10p
M&S clutch - eh...
Madness that the most expensive part of my outfit is a bag - one that I bought with staff discount when I worked in M&S (was gonna call it something else then remembered I'm a lady :))
The drunken goons - yes, we managed to get to the 'self portrait' part of the night... Also made it out on Sunday night with my work buddies, but no photos have surfaced yet - just be assured I looked cute, despite the 11pm finish!
Vintage scarf acquired donkeys ago
Aran jumper - £3
Topshop Tall dress
Birthday Converse!
And finally another outfit post, this time from yesterday. It finally turned cold at the weekend, so exciting! I got over it pretty quickly after spending 2 13 hour shifts in our cold staffroom. However, being off yesterday allowed me to dive into my fall wardrobe finally - I must be a weirdo cause summer just irritates me, clothes wise, I always feel better piling on the layers!
Now Im off to watch all my new-season TV shows - The Office, How I met your Mother, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire... Just waiting on Parks and Recreation to return, it was by far the best last season - please tell me someone else out there watches it?

Friday, 24 September 2010

Some bargains and other good things

Went a wee trip to my fave charity shops the other day. (Best thing about my new place? Its a 5 min walk from my fave shops AND car boot AND supermarket. Not too shabby!) Anyway as usual I came out armed with bargains - this coat and skirt being 2 of them. Please ignore my awful hair, was just out shower and faffing as usual.
Cashmere coat - £8
Top - Topshop Tall, ancient
Skirt - £2 (and handmade, therefore unique!)
Belt - H&M, also ancient
And my new Henry Holland shoes - took a notion for actual shoes that would keep my feet semi-dry in the inevitable wet and windy Scottish winter. Hopefully these will do the trick!

And my latest thing - reading childrens books. Despite being a huge reader as a kid, I never read any of the classics. So have purchased Wizard of Oz, Gullivers travel, Anne of Green Gables, What Katy Did etc. Sad but true.

My camera then decided to die. However today has been pretty ok so far.
  • Car passed its MOT, yay! Was semi thinking it wouldn't, so its all good now. The price wasn't.
  • 2 of my best friends are visiting and we're meeting another one for dinner.
  • Following on, I don't have to cook diner in my malfunctioning oven tonight :D
  • Tesco Value Mince Pies are back in stock!
Hope everyone else has exciting plans for the weekend!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


So I thought I'd say 'Hi!' and welcome to my shiny new blog. I've just moved house so been attempting to sort the place out, turns out its a bit of a slow process when stuff like work and movie rentals get in the way... Anyway, here's a quick summary of me :D
I'm Elise
I'm 25
I'm a projectionist
I love books and movies

I love vintage clothes

I love vintage sewing and knitting patterns

Actually my love of the above things kinda made my move to a bigger place necessary! Now I have my own flat and I absolutely adore it - think I'm becoming a borderline recluse haha :)
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