Wednesday, 22 September 2010


So I thought I'd say 'Hi!' and welcome to my shiny new blog. I've just moved house so been attempting to sort the place out, turns out its a bit of a slow process when stuff like work and movie rentals get in the way... Anyway, here's a quick summary of me :D
I'm Elise
I'm 25
I'm a projectionist
I love books and movies

I love vintage clothes

I love vintage sewing and knitting patterns

Actually my love of the above things kinda made my move to a bigger place necessary! Now I have my own flat and I absolutely adore it - think I'm becoming a borderline recluse haha :)


  1. I love vintage clothes and sewing too! Hooray! Are you going to do a sewing crafty fashion blog?!

  2. Good luck with your blog (I LOVE the name foof&faff) and I look forward to your posts! Just wondering, what do you do as a projectionist?

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  3. Didn't you used to be "My Foofy Life"? I wondered where you'd gone. Great first post, you like what I like. xxx

  4. Ok, there may be some sewing projects on here, however the most my machine has done lately is adjust hems...I'll get back to it!
    Being a projectionist, I run the technical side of the cinema - putting on movies, general maintence, fixing problems, etc. Its amazingly good fun actually!
    And yes, that was my old blog, but got bit fed up with it, so had an overhaul and this is what I got! Hope ya'll like it :D


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