Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Work work work...

Got to spent all weekend at work, yay... However, I did manage to have some fun in between - went out on Friday night with some of my best buddies, had a few drinks (ok quite a few...) and fell in love with a tall, beautiful guy - who I think was gay. Ah well! This 'outfit post' was taken at end of night, so excuse the random pose/expression.
Vintage coat from last weeks charity bonanza - £10
Vintage M&S cami (pj?) top - £2
Gap skirt - 10p
M&S clutch - eh...
Madness that the most expensive part of my outfit is a bag - one that I bought with staff discount when I worked in M&S (was gonna call it something else then remembered I'm a lady :))
The drunken goons - yes, we managed to get to the 'self portrait' part of the night... Also made it out on Sunday night with my work buddies, but no photos have surfaced yet - just be assured I looked cute, despite the 11pm finish!
Vintage scarf acquired donkeys ago
Aran jumper - £3
Topshop Tall dress
Birthday Converse!
And finally another outfit post, this time from yesterday. It finally turned cold at the weekend, so exciting! I got over it pretty quickly after spending 2 13 hour shifts in our cold staffroom. However, being off yesterday allowed me to dive into my fall wardrobe finally - I must be a weirdo cause summer just irritates me, clothes wise, I always feel better piling on the layers!
Now Im off to watch all my new-season TV shows - The Office, How I met your Mother, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire... Just waiting on Parks and Recreation to return, it was by far the best last season - please tell me someone else out there watches it?

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  1. Love the going out outfit, especially the clutch. M&S sometimes churn out the most incredible accessories that I'm stopped in my tracks on the way to stock up on Percy Pigs. xxx


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