Friday, 29 October 2010

(nearly) Halloween!

Well, I've never really been into Halloween, but having spent lots more time with my best buddies recently, we (they) decided to dress up and have a wee party at mine before hitting the town. Now pretty much the main reason I'm not into Halloween is cause most folks round here use it as an excuse to wear plastic or slutty outfits, so I'm going down the more classy route - can't tell you what that is tho, you'll just need to wait for a hungover Sunday post!

Anyway, while looking for the main part of my costume, I stumbled across these goodies in Poundland - think I bought half their Halloween range but couldn't resist!
Check out the pumpkin straws and slasher plates!
These are my personal faves - pumpkin fairy lights and skeleton candles, found reduced in Tesco when I was doing my party food shop :)

The best part of the food shop this week? These too cute millionaire shortbread squares with ghost print. They may not make it til tomorrow night!

Hope everyone has fun weekend plans. If anyone is dressing up, post pics!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hello again!

Well I've been working tons again, so that combined with internet being rubbish, means its been a bit slow on my blog. Have filled my time by...
Catching up on my reading
And my diary writing (which I get bored of easily, so its part life, part songwords and photos)
And eating healthy of course!

Oh and going on more dates! Had my 5th with a lovely guy the other night, funnily enough we went to a pub quiz with his friends. No outfit pics cause as usual I was running late!
Here's todays outfit tho :)

Cardi - Car boot £3
Dress - Charity shop £4
Tights - that shop we all hate 25p
Shoes - Charity shop £2
This may be my cheapest outfit yet! (btw, no clue what I'm doing in second pic!) The shoes are a bit big but when I realised they matched my dress I had to wear them!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Making money from hanging out with friends...

Well it was pub quiz night for us last night - and we won! Yes, Team America are now £50 richer after winning the quiz by 1 point. And there's 5 of us, so was divided easy! That's my holiday fund £10 better off now (2 weeks to go til Florida, can't wait!). Anyway, here's what I wore:
Hat - charity shop 50p
Cashmere coat - charity shop £8
Jumper - charity shop £1
Blouse - M&S Classics, forever ago
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall, also forever ago
Shoes - Debenhams £28
Curled my hair again - it worked a bit better this time, didn't go so 'big', plus it settled into lovely waves by tea time. Weirdly, my best friends all noticed I had curly hair (3 of them guys btw) but no-one at work did...
Lots of dancing was done thruout the quiz - Frankie was def the champion!
Celebrating our win by taking random pictures in the street...

Off out again tonight (date night!), but been putting off going a run, so may have to tackle that first. Hope everyone's got exciting weekend plans - I get to work 2 13 hour shifts, yay...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bargains! And more prettiness...

Well tried to post last night but my t'internet packed up again - anyone else having problems with 3 at the mo? Phone signal keeps dropping too - customer service guy said they're 'upgrading the network' but to my mind that should make my signal better, right? Idiots. Anyway...
Heres yesterdays shopping/watching Paranormal Activity 2 at work outfit:
Jumper - charity shop £1
Skirt - charity shop £2
Shoes - M&S Outlet £15
Close up of my too-darn-cute jumper!
Picked up this fab hand-knitted hat and silk mens scarf at charity shop earlier.
Also got these awesome bargains - vintage jacket, barely worn from looks of it - 10p! And this gorgeous slip and cover up set, vintage BHS for £3. I'm a sucker for vintage nightwear so couldn't resist this loveliness. The coat is too big however, so may be getting passed to Mother, who won't appreciate its lovely vintageness, she'll just appreciate the fleece lining!

Pub quiz tonight - Team America scooped 2 meals vouchers the other night so we're aiming for cash this time! :)

Ooh, one last thing, I watched Legend of the Guardians 3D this morning - if you get a chance, go see it, its so beautiful! Thats what 3D was made for, not Harry Potter...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I love friends who...

...share biscuits my name on their arm (ok its my bro!)
...wear awesome shoes
...pretend to be my boyfriend to ward off weirdos
...take me to weddings and help me consume copious amounts of alcohol
...hold my beer
...dont mind that I'm a tall freak
...hang on to me when I've 'accidently' drank the banned substance, whiskey, then got major giggles
...pick me up

Day off tomorrow, so more current pics shall be taken!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Green eyes and curls

So last night, inspired by the gorgeous curly haired girls at Vixen Vintage and Sweetheart of the Rodeo , I tried putting rags in my hair to see if it curled. And it did!
Was rather pleased with my handiwork, so had to take some pics. Was worth all the fiddliness, plus gave me something to do whilst watching my pals 'Only Fools and Horses' DVDs :) Only time will tell if they last the whole day tho - my hair is thick and straight, a seemingly terrible combination when it comes to coaxing curls into it. Also tried out some new green eye make up, unfortunately with my camera being rubbish and all, it didn't really pick it up...
Oh, and earlier we got some new promo materials in at work - I took one look at this and shouted 'Thats what she said!', then we all burst into fits of giggles. Ah I love my work :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Aah, I'm back! Finally got 2 whole days off work and did not very much. Ooh except I ran 2 miles, my personal best (been running for years tho, so its not great, I'm just v bad at it!), and got to wear cute outfits. One being the following...
Blouse - Charity shop 10p
Skirt - Charity shop £2
Shoes - Matalan, forever ago
Close up of my cute shoes. Really just cause I love the tights. And haven't laddered them yet.
Remember I said I dont do loungewear? Well, I do do slips and cosy jumpers :) See, when Ive been out shopping/lunch etc, I get back to house, and if I'm not going out again til later - where an outfit change is required - then I generally like to wear 'comfy' clothes. And I'm a bit in love with this vintage M&S mens jumper - it has the softest wool ever!
Speaking of M&S, I got a bit over-excited when i discovered they were in sale. Mainly because I have an annoying bra size and therefore M&S and Debenhams are usually the only places to go. Oh and have I mentioned my underwear obsession before? So this way its cheaper! :)
And of course managed to pick up more books in charity shop yesterday. Gotta fill up those new bookshelves!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Yes, still at work...

Just a quick post today since I've been working all day and therefore have nothing of much use to contribute....
I will say tho - get yourself to Asda pronto as they have the best offer ever on... B&J's 2 for £3!!! Tried haf baked for the first time - its freaking sugartastic!

While you're in Asda, swing by the music section and pick up the new Script album, Science and Faith. Its also freaking awesome. Same style as their first one, but even more heartbreaking. Its been keeping me going all week at work! (that and some random songs I can do terrible dancing to)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Well, good day overall I think

So got up and did some charity shop shopping this morning - seriously, I rarely go into high street stores now, the thrifting bug has got me! Got a really good haul, shall take some pics soon, didn't have much time before work. Found a huge oversized Aran jumper, its so soft, I'm in love! (ok, I don't need another jumper, but soon it'll be cold and I can't afford heating, so justified!) Did better than usual in the more established shops actually, the ones I tend to bypass.
Anyway, was on a high from my shopping, and the fact I got loads done today, then I go to work and realise its me who'll be watching 'Life as we know it' in the morning. Noooooo! I can only stomach the odd chick flick (Dirty Dancing :D) but Katherine Heigl's recent films just don't win my respect I'm afraid. Would much rather have watched Wall Street 2 this morning - the 1 morning I'm off.... On the plus side, I've got wee, unheard of 4 hour shift tomorrow, watching the film will take me til 1pm, so yay...
Todays pre-work outfit
EWM cardi - Charity shop £2
Vest - Topshop Tall
Belt - Charity shop 50p
Skirt - Charity shop 50p
Shoes - Topshop, ages ago
Close up of my cute shoes - they remind me of slippers :)
One of todays bargains - vintage golf shoes in my size! (actually they're a half size too big, but I'll just stick another insole in :))

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My rather rubbish weekend loot

Well heres my bargains from the weekend - wasn't really trying hard this week, only managed 2 charity shops and the rubbish car boot. Finally got 2nd HP book in hardback, only first one to find now! Also picked up the other 2 books for the grand total of 70p. The paperback looked deliciously trashy so had to have it, and the 'My Guy' reminded me a bit of Bunty, my pre-teen love.
Turned out to be a hilarious read - apparently this magazine ran until 2000, but I have no recollection of it whatsoever. This volume is from 1978 to early 80s, and has some fab fashion features and 'interesting' photo stories (remember photo stories? Haha!)
Loved the style in this shoot, actually some of the stuff is very similar to the high street now - except this stuff was from Littlewoods and British Home Stores (thats right, pre-BHS :))
Funnily enough, my mum and I were remembering C&A the other day (my bro and I used to be dragged round it every Saturday, it was absolutely our most hated shop!) I think I want all these blouses tho...
Some actual stars used to model for the photo stories, like Alex Kingston...

...and my personal favourite, Hugh Grant, haha!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sleepy Sunday...

Sundays are a bit useless, aren't they? Whenever I have a Sunday off work, I more often than not just waste it. Today for example, I got up about 10 (better than usual actually), did some general faffing, got home from Mother's around 1pm, and decided to check out the car boot. Ok so I was a few hours later than usual, but thought I might snag some bargains. Eh, no. By the time I got there about 1:30, the boot sale thats supposed to run 10-4 had about 10 cars left. Slight waste of time!
Hat - Charity shop 50p
Jumper - Charity shop £2
Skirt - Charity shop £2
Tights - TkMaxx, brand...?
Shoes - Topshop, donkeys ago
Scarf - Secret Santa gift (best one ever haha)
I just adore these shoes. For as long as I can remember I've had a fixation on gold ballet shoes, but as a kid I never got to wear them cause my feet were too narrow. They still are actually, but luckily my feet are a slightly big 7, so the length/width ratio tends to balance out!
Think the rest of my day shall be spend in comfy clothes (however, I don't do 'loungewear' :P), reading my books, with my fave slippers ever on :) Cause thats what Sundays are for. If I could wear them to work, I totally would!

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