Friday, 1 October 2010

And its here...

My mid-season cold that is. A few times a year, when the weather does a dramatic change (gets colder/hotter), my immune system gives up and I get a mega cold. It started mid-day yesterday and has been getting steadily worse ever since. Therefore I've spend most of the day with hankies up my nose - glad no-one can see me at work!
Heres yesterdays shopping-with-Mother outfit. When i got in the car, she did her 'okaaaay...' which usually means she thinks part of my outfit looks daft :) This time it was the 'old-lady' hat, altho on closer inspection she decided I suited it. Thanks Mother.
Hat - 50p charity shop
Gilet - £1 car boot
Top - Long Tall Sally sale
Skirt - £1, vintage Tesco
Tights - eh...
Brogues - £28 Debenhams
Mother brought my post up - unfortunately it included the new LTS catalogue, which has some yummy stuff, spent quite a while drooling over the Larch trousers, Moore coat and Flicker boots, among other things! (like these pjs...) Ah, I need more money! Or maybe should just cancel the catalogue haha :)


  1. You look fabulous! Love the angora (?) beret.

  2. My mom is very much the same. Hehe but I think you look quite elegant! Quite bohemian! And I hope your cold gets better :)

    Bea from A plus B


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