Saturday, 2 October 2010

The cold continues, plus some randomness

Well the cold is still here - my sore throat disappeared yesterday so I thought 'Oh, maybe this is a short version of my usual cold'. Nah, woke up feeling sick and snotty (sorry!) this morning so turns out my body was just trying to fool me :)
Trip home to visit Mother for her birthday today - she was working all day tho so had a brief wander round the 2 charity shops then went home to watch Sky and use the broadband. Nothing like a trip home haha.
Aran Cardi - Car boot £3
Top - H&M sale £5
Belt - Charity shop 50p
Skirt - Charity shop £2
Annoyingly the shoes are a little small but I keep wearing them hoping to stretch them and get my moneys worth! (my feet dont like this tactic...)
Wander round my hometown earlier revealed a new park - which looks AWESOME! My bro and his gf apparently tested it after dark one night, sooo wish it wasn't raining right now!

Greggs have new cakes! This is a chocolate coated gingerbread bat. Best thing is the gingerbread is chewy, so doesnt even matter that it overpowers the choc taste :)
Got some old photography mags in a charity shop this week and one of the ads were for these Converse. I may have fallen in love, unfortunately the magazine was 2 years old so don't rate my chances of finding them :(

Hope everyones having a fab weekend!


  1. Fab outfit, love the colour of your skirt.
    Apparently you can coat leather shoes in hair condition and stuff them with newpaper to stretch them xxx

  2. That Aran cardi is perfect, I've been looking for one forever!


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