Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I love friends who...

...share biscuits
...tattoo my name on their arm (ok its my bro!)
...wear awesome shoes
...pretend to be my boyfriend to ward off weirdos
...take me to weddings and help me consume copious amounts of alcohol
...hold my beer
...dont mind that I'm a tall freak
...hang on to me when I've 'accidently' drank the banned substance, whiskey, then got major giggles
...pick me up

Day off tomorrow, so more current pics shall be taken!


  1. Tall freak? Bloody hell, I'd give anything to have your height!
    Great post, you've really made me smile. xxx

  2. Lucky girl to have so many wonderful friends. I love that you have a friend to pretend to be your boyfriend! Awesome :)

    Bea from A plus B

  3. What a lovely post :)

    You look gorgeous in that red coat by the way. I do like nice natural happy photos of bloggers.

  4. I think your life looks really good fun!


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