Friday, 22 October 2010

Making money from hanging out with friends...

Well it was pub quiz night for us last night - and we won! Yes, Team America are now £50 richer after winning the quiz by 1 point. And there's 5 of us, so was divided easy! That's my holiday fund £10 better off now (2 weeks to go til Florida, can't wait!). Anyway, here's what I wore:
Hat - charity shop 50p
Cashmere coat - charity shop £8
Jumper - charity shop £1
Blouse - M&S Classics, forever ago
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall, also forever ago
Shoes - Debenhams £28
Curled my hair again - it worked a bit better this time, didn't go so 'big', plus it settled into lovely waves by tea time. Weirdly, my best friends all noticed I had curly hair (3 of them guys btw) but no-one at work did...
Lots of dancing was done thruout the quiz - Frankie was def the champion!
Celebrating our win by taking random pictures in the street...

Off out again tonight (date night!), but been putting off going a run, so may have to tackle that first. Hope everyone's got exciting weekend plans - I get to work 2 13 hour shifts, yay...


  1. A date? I need to know more! Have a great time and congrats on the quiz win. Your hair looked fab and the coat is lovely. xxx

  2. Well done on the win! On the rare times I go pub quizzing, we always fall down on the music rounds :(

  3. looks like a fun night! great coat x

  4. Love the color on that coat!


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