Friday, 29 October 2010

(nearly) Halloween!

Well, I've never really been into Halloween, but having spent lots more time with my best buddies recently, we (they) decided to dress up and have a wee party at mine before hitting the town. Now pretty much the main reason I'm not into Halloween is cause most folks round here use it as an excuse to wear plastic or slutty outfits, so I'm going down the more classy route - can't tell you what that is tho, you'll just need to wait for a hungover Sunday post!

Anyway, while looking for the main part of my costume, I stumbled across these goodies in Poundland - think I bought half their Halloween range but couldn't resist!
Check out the pumpkin straws and slasher plates!
These are my personal faves - pumpkin fairy lights and skeleton candles, found reduced in Tesco when I was doing my party food shop :)

The best part of the food shop this week? These too cute millionaire shortbread squares with ghost print. They may not make it til tomorrow night!

Hope everyone has fun weekend plans. If anyone is dressing up, post pics!


  1. Happy Halloween and it's a great camera! you should definitely buy it. nothing compares to Nikon :)

  2. Happy Halloween! I love all your little bits and pieces. I'm going out tonight and I really should go buy some face paint, whoops...


  3. Love the fairy lights SO much! I'm looking forward to Sunday's post - I'm not majorly into Halloween but I do love looking at other people's costumes. I'm the same as you though - I don't understand the urge that some people have to dress like complete sluts!

  4. i work in a chocolate shop, and we had some crazy stuff in! this looks good too x


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