Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sleepy Sunday...

Sundays are a bit useless, aren't they? Whenever I have a Sunday off work, I more often than not just waste it. Today for example, I got up about 10 (better than usual actually), did some general faffing, got home from Mother's around 1pm, and decided to check out the car boot. Ok so I was a few hours later than usual, but thought I might snag some bargains. Eh, no. By the time I got there about 1:30, the boot sale thats supposed to run 10-4 had about 10 cars left. Slight waste of time!
Hat - Charity shop 50p
Jumper - Charity shop £2
Skirt - Charity shop £2
Tights - TkMaxx, brand...?
Shoes - Topshop, donkeys ago
Scarf - Secret Santa gift (best one ever haha)
I just adore these shoes. For as long as I can remember I've had a fixation on gold ballet shoes, but as a kid I never got to wear them cause my feet were too narrow. They still are actually, but luckily my feet are a slightly big 7, so the length/width ratio tends to balance out!
Think the rest of my day shall be spend in comfy clothes (however, I don't do 'loungewear' :P), reading my books, with my fave slippers ever on :) Cause thats what Sundays are for. If I could wear them to work, I totally would!


  1. So you didn't have the torrential rain we had all day, lucky you! Shame about the boot sale. Love the Fairisle sweater. xxx


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