Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Aah, I'm back! Finally got 2 whole days off work and did not very much. Ooh except I ran 2 miles, my personal best (been running for years tho, so its not great, I'm just v bad at it!), and got to wear cute outfits. One being the following...
Blouse - Charity shop 10p
Skirt - Charity shop £2
Shoes - Matalan, forever ago
Close up of my cute shoes. Really just cause I love the tights. And haven't laddered them yet.
Remember I said I dont do loungewear? Well, I do do slips and cosy jumpers :) See, when Ive been out shopping/lunch etc, I get back to house, and if I'm not going out again til later - where an outfit change is required - then I generally like to wear 'comfy' clothes. And I'm a bit in love with this vintage M&S mens jumper - it has the softest wool ever!
Speaking of M&S, I got a bit over-excited when i discovered they were in sale. Mainly because I have an annoying bra size and therefore M&S and Debenhams are usually the only places to go. Oh and have I mentioned my underwear obsession before? So this way its cheaper! :)
And of course managed to pick up more books in charity shop yesterday. Gotta fill up those new bookshelves!


  1. That first outfit is especially lovely, red looks fabulous on you.
    I'm impressed with the undie haul, mine is woeful. xxx

  2. I'm so in love with your shoes!
    Oh and they go perfect with your tights.
    What cute Outfits! xx, Alice :)

  3. The red blouse was a great buy - you look stunning in it!

    The slip and jumper combo is a definite winner. Can't beat a giant men's jumper for snuggling purposes, can you?

  4. i always wear slips and sweaters glad you do it too!

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