Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Well, good day overall I think

So got up and did some charity shop shopping this morning - seriously, I rarely go into high street stores now, the thrifting bug has got me! Got a really good haul, shall take some pics soon, didn't have much time before work. Found a huge oversized Aran jumper, its so soft, I'm in love! (ok, I don't need another jumper, but soon it'll be cold and I can't afford heating, so justified!) Did better than usual in the more established shops actually, the ones I tend to bypass.
Anyway, was on a high from my shopping, and the fact I got loads done today, then I go to work and realise its me who'll be watching 'Life as we know it' in the morning. Noooooo! I can only stomach the odd chick flick (Dirty Dancing :D) but Katherine Heigl's recent films just don't win my respect I'm afraid. Would much rather have watched Wall Street 2 this morning - the 1 morning I'm off.... On the plus side, I've got wee, unheard of 4 hour shift tomorrow, watching the film will take me til 1pm, so yay...
Todays pre-work outfit
EWM cardi - Charity shop £2
Vest - Topshop Tall
Belt - Charity shop 50p
Skirt - Charity shop 50p
Shoes - Topshop, ages ago
Close up of my cute shoes - they remind me of slippers :)
One of todays bargains - vintage golf shoes in my size! (actually they're a half size too big, but I'll just stick another insole in :))


  1. The golf shoes are great!

    You poor thing, having to suffer through the Katherine Heigl film. It looks utterly dire from the trailer.

  2. You look lovely with your hair back. Can't wait to see your haul. I can't abide rom-coms and chick-flicks, give me gritty reality or a war film any day of the week. xxx

  3. Thanks for your comment :)
    Follow you now! Follow me back?
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  4. bursting with jealousy over you vintage golf shoes!
    but anyways love your blog, im following now :)

  5. I really love the midi-length skirt!


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