Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bargains! And more prettiness...

Well tried to post last night but my t'internet packed up again - anyone else having problems with 3 at the mo? Phone signal keeps dropping too - customer service guy said they're 'upgrading the network' but to my mind that should make my signal better, right? Idiots. Anyway...
Heres yesterdays shopping/watching Paranormal Activity 2 at work outfit:
Jumper - charity shop £1
Skirt - charity shop £2
Shoes - M&S Outlet £15
Close up of my too-darn-cute jumper!
Picked up this fab hand-knitted hat and silk mens scarf at charity shop earlier.
Also got these awesome bargains - vintage jacket, barely worn from looks of it - 10p! And this gorgeous slip and cover up set, vintage BHS for £3. I'm a sucker for vintage nightwear so couldn't resist this loveliness. The coat is too big however, so may be getting passed to Mother, who won't appreciate its lovely vintageness, she'll just appreciate the fleece lining!

Pub quiz tonight - Team America scooped 2 meals vouchers the other night so we're aiming for cash this time! :)

Ooh, one last thing, I watched Legend of the Guardians 3D this morning - if you get a chance, go see it, its so beautiful! Thats what 3D was made for, not Harry Potter...


  1. Love that skirt in the first photo. Looks so gauzy and dainty and feminine and just overall romantic. Nice overall look, too.

  2. 10p? 10p??!! Seriously??! Crumbs, I've never seen anything that cheap in a charity shop! The vintage nightwear is v. lovely too but you may have noticed I'm quite taken with the 10p coat!

  3. Oh, the hat's doing it for me. 10p? That's a good price for a charity shop, more like jumble sale prices! xxx

  4. Ooooo! I love that peterpan collar. :D

    xx Love & Aloha
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