Friday, 8 October 2010

Yes, still at work...

Just a quick post today since I've been working all day and therefore have nothing of much use to contribute....
I will say tho - get yourself to Asda pronto as they have the best offer ever on... B&J's 2 for £3!!! Tried haf baked for the first time - its freaking sugartastic!

While you're in Asda, swing by the music section and pick up the new Script album, Science and Faith. Its also freaking awesome. Same style as their first one, but even more heartbreaking. Its been keeping me going all week at work! (that and some random songs I can do terrible dancing to)


  1. Noooooo! I don't like ice cream and I cannot abide The Script. I was seriously unimpressed when I saw them supporting The Hoosiers a few years back and was amazed by how big they've become. Sorry! xxx

  2. My brother went to see them and really liked them - I'm not so sure.

    God how I miss ignoring the dairy allergy and just eating Ben & Jerry's anyway. Oh My Apple Pie (think it was a limited edition?) is probably the nicest thing I've ever eaten.

  3. good album and ice cream...yum



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