Monday, 1 November 2010

(actual) Halloween!

Well, I did it. I dressed up. Kinda :) I was a non-slutty devil, hehe. I made this dress at college a few years ago (had a sewing module) and have only worn it once on my 21st, so seized the opportunity to get it out again. I also briefly had 'big' bedhead hair but my hair just didn't wanna play, so ended up with tangled fuzzy hair, yay.... Awesome night overall tho :)
Handmade dress, Debenhams shoes and accessories from Poundland :D
Here we have a lumberjack, demon butcher, devil, wierdo (his words!) and a speed camera. Apparently the speed camera silenced the entire pub - unfortunately I missed it as I was trying to manoeuvre my wings into a loo stall :P
A weapons face off - love how terrifying our demon butcher looks here!
And yes, I was so excited to meet Shaun the Sheep that I actually strolled up to a random stranger in a bar and asked to take his picture. I'm truly a childish geek/loser!


  1. The speed camera is completely hilarious! Love your duel with the lumberjack.

  2. That looks great fun but I'm rather bothered by the demonic butcher, scary! xxx


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