Monday, 1 November 2010

Another day, another outfit, another date ;)

Double post today since I was being rather lazy yesterday and couldn't be bothered fighting with laptop - its taken to crashing a lot lately, think it knows that only that and bad drivers are guaranteed to wind me up and I've been rather smiley lately!
So Mother decided she was going shopping yesterday and I of course went along to 'help' - she was going to M&S after all! Came out with 2 tree decorations and a purse sized perfume from 3for2 - thanks Mother! :)
Anyway lets get on with it. I made this dress from vintage fabric I found at my gran's house years ago, but I've just never loved the style of it, don't think I really suit the shape. The pics came out alright tho.
Once I dressed it up it seemed less...bulky?
Cardi - Charity shop £2
Dress - handmade
Tights - Topshop sale £1
Shoes - Debenhams £28

Had another date last night - was gonna get changed but again was feeling lazy, so wore this. Was just a trip to McD's then to pics for Easy A (fabulously funny), but starting to feel more relaxed around each other now. He held my hand thru the film and after we stood in freezing car park talking and....other things...for ages. This coming from someone who does not do PDA - I feel all glowy now haha!
Lastly, my accessory of the weekend, this awesome ring courtesy of Greggs - our handyman recognised that I've yet to grow out of this stuff cause he showed up on Friday with a yummy choc cupcake for me haha!



  1. That dress is adorable! I'm impressed with your mad sewing skills.

  2. I love that dress on you! What do you mean, the shape doesn't suit you? You look brilliant. xxx


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