Sunday, 28 November 2010

I'm back! With holiday snaps :D

Wow, long time! Between limited net on holiday and leaving my dongle at Mother's place when I got home, I'm only just back to civilisation! (real life doesn't count the same!) So here's some holiday highlights before I get back to normal this week :)
Eating out for breakfast, a Florida tradition
Finding amazing cakes, but sticking to cookies
Testing new B&J flavours (average price for a tub there is around £1.75 - bit diff from £4.19!)
Watching NBC's Thursday night line up - Community, 30 Rock and The Office, I was in heaven!
Bro Michael and sis-in-law Zoe getting trapped
And again - this one is going on my wall :)
Riding the Carousel, a Disney tradition (never mind that I'm 25 now!)
Found possible the cutest socks ever
The only ride I was truly terrified before going on was Hollywood Tower of Terror. If I'd been sane it would have been this one... Horrible!
Huge highlight was seeing Hanson play at Epcot - only seen them twice in Scotland so this was a great bonus!

Me glowing after Hanson, in what may be the only outfit pic I took!
3 magical places - Hogwarts, Disney World and Super Target! The Harry Potter castle ride was my favourite of the trip, but I can even describe its greatness - you just gotta be there!

Now I'm home, and its FREEZING! Minus 3ish here at the mo, and all I have are ridiculous electric heaters, so visiting mother for my 2 days off - getting up as early as poss tomorrow to head down, can't handle the cold in my flat!


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  1. Look at all that sunshine and happy faces! It looks like you had an amazing time. xxx


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