Monday, 29 November 2010

Lots of lovely bargains!

Well just about managed to get up at a reasonable time today - was still absolute freezing torture tho! Here's my awesome outfit of the day - I found this dress a few months ago in a charity shop, and after shortening it I'm now in love, its just a perfect fit and so easy to dress up or down.
Dress - Charity shop £4
Cardigan - Charity shop £2
Socks - Wal-Mart 3 for $5
Boots - Converse $65
I'm also in love with these boots - found them in a Converse outlet store for half price and just had to have them!

Here's some charity shop bargains I found before my hols, enjoy!
Big bag of rollers - 50p
Sewing basket - £1
Books - 50p each
Purse - 50p
Scarves - £1 each
HP book (last one I had to get!) - £2
Italian lambswool fur hat (so soft!) - £3
Vintage Disney hat - 50p
Book - free!
Brand new Nine West shoes (in my size!) - £3
Ralph Lauren wool sweater - £1
Vintage stripe tshirt, high waist denims & tie - 10p each
Not really bargains, but I was searching for face wipes for hols and came across some with my name on! This NEVER happens (the curse of having a foreign name) so had to buy them! Also got some 'non-slip' headbands (they're not) and what turned out to be equally rubbish kirby grips. Is the hairdresser the only person with kirbys that actually hold my hair?!



  1. Your outfit looks really great, especially with those boots. You've had some great bargains too!

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you and the fur hat is gorgeous, too.
    I have those hair grips, they are rubbish. False economy., I'll go to Boots' next time. xxx

  3. so many brilliant bargains!!
    i love the dress with the chunky cardi, looks nice and snug!

  4. Ooh excellent purchases! I really like that dress on you and it looks lovely all layered up.

    Boots hair grips are the only ones that stay in my hair - you wouldn't think it was that difficult to make them would you??

  5. Ok 2 people voting for Boots, shall go there next time! Thanks!

  6. love the dress its gorge xxxx

  7. ohh, what lovely bargains indeed! :) i adore the dress on you, so pretty. plus the scarfs you picked up are great, i have a 'thing' for scarfs at the moment so i really need to find myself some more! xx


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