Monday, 20 December 2010

5 days to go...

Oh lordy, how cold is it?! My flat (complete with electric radiators) is FREEZING right now, been trying to keep out it as much as possible. Actually can't get undressed and in a shower unless I've been out and exercised first to heat up a bit, its shocking. Serves me right for moving in the summer... Because of all the horrible snow, I've mostly been dressing like this...
...which is not good! There's no imagination and prettiness, only practicality. Sigh... Unsurprisingly, I'm now ill, haha! (its not funny but I'm just having a not great day, gotta laugh!)

We had our works night out on Thursday - here's some highlights...
Me and my fellow projectionist Sandy, cheesing it up.
Me and my fellow US TV lover pal Leanne doing our Jim Halpert faces
Me and fellow pretty dress wearer Amy dancing it up - my dress is an oldie from New Look that I got on eBay for like £2 earlier this year :)

A definite highlight-of-the-year happened at the weekend - I was staying at Sean's place on Saturday since we'd planned to go out in Glasgow. This plan got canned at the last minute, but despite feeling nauseous and having to get the train, I went anyway to avoid staying in my flat. Turns out it was a good thing I did, cause he gave me my Christmas pressie - and it was only tickets to see The Script at Wembley Arena in March. AAAAAHHHHH!!! Managed to jump around a bit when I opened it, hehe. Kinda put my gift of a Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray in the shade... Can't quite believe he remembered me saying I couldn't get tickets for the Glasgow gig months ago, sometimes men surprise us eh!
Anyway, I'll sign off for now, leaving you with a pic of the 2 greatest voices in music at the moment - Taylor Swift and Danny from The Script (yes, I have a HUGE thing for Taylor Swift - she knows my soul)



  1. Yes moving in the summer is fatal - the ex and I did that only to dscover our pretty old house had zero insulation and that even with the heating on you could still see your breath and that was just October! Hope you're keeping warm - hot water bottles are great ;)

  2. You do look pretty in your cosy outfit!! I've mostly been looking like a tramp who's rolled in a room full of woolly jumpers at the moment. It's SO COLD!!

  3. oh the dress is very pretty, hope you had a lovely do !! :)


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