Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Just a little post today, not taken many pics this week for a change - am now dying for my new camera, roll on post Christmas sales! Got exciting news when I logged on today - turns out I won a prize from the excellent Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks giveaway, yay! Feeling great admiration towards Alex for managing to put together 12 days worth of goodies. :)
Spend the last 2 days in Glasgow with Sean - yesterday we decided to make up an awesome plan of action, so we got the train into town intending to see a panto. Then we realised it was a Tuesday and therefore very unlikely any would have matinees on. So he took me to the GFT instead. Now for someone so obsessed with projection and old cinemas, its amazing I'd never been here before! We got there just in time to see Its a Wonderful Life (amazing as ever in digital, was weepy by the end haha!) and then managed to get a mini tour of projection - I was in heaven! The building is amazing, so elegant and pretty, if anyone gets a chance to visit, do it!
Have also put my Christmas tree up. It was donated to me by our handyman last week - its only little but does the job - however, most of my decor is still in Mother's loft so its looking a bit boring at the mo, will be spruced up tomorrow after a swift trip home for my haircut.
This is my fave thing at the moment - when in Florida I was determined to buy a Disney themed tree decoration, and when I saw this Pixar lamp, I had to have it!



  1. That cinema looks amazing - it's all multiplexes round here :(

  2. well done on the prize, and i would so love to go to an old-style cinema like thaT!!
    as for the disney decorations, we used to get them on a mail order type thing when we were younger i think, there would be one or two more each yr, and then at xmas we would get to put all the new ones on the 'disney' tree! :D

  3. what a sweet little tree! i've always wanted to go to glasgow.


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