Monday, 27 December 2010

The come down...

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a fun day - I was stressed to the max on Friday night after finishing work late, but as you can see I calmed down a bit after a beer!
This is my BFF Mhairi, home for the hols. Not seen her since the summer so it was great to catch up - we just got overexcited and yapped all night :D
Christmas morning, and my 'wee' brother decided to wear his super cool onesie. Yeah. What's the deal with these?! My cousins and bro's girlfriend all got sets for Christmas, its not good...
However, my little cousin also got this awesome gift of a mad toy hamster - you press a button on it and it says 'off we go!' and scoots about the floor, haha! It provided much fun and giggles.
Here's my cousin Anya in my cool Russian hat. She didn't love it...
My mum wears Converse! And cool jeans. And a fab men's wool M&S jumper. Nice to see I'm rubbing off on her!
And here's some of my awesome pressies! Mother thinks its funny to buy me a toy every year, so this year I got a Timmy version of Buckaroo, which I got to put stickers on! That also explains the Kinder eggs, haha! Managed to get 3 big boxes of Ferrero Rocher (1 of which may have been polished off for breakfast) and enough sugary products to fill a crisp box. Kinda feel sick looking in it...
Here's the whole selection! Sis-in-law got me a giant Timmy - she always turns up with something excellent like that, I love it! Also received many books and DVDs, aren't Amazon wish lists excellent? :)
A close up of the book/DVD selection - complete ER boxset is particularly excellent as I keep running out of TV shows to watch. Haven't seen ER since around season 8 so will be good to catch up. Plus my movie highlights of the year, A-Team and Wild Target. Also got KickAss today so gotta have a movie day soon!

Hope Santa was good to everyone!



  1. Oh what lovely, lovely things. Eep at all the Timmy stuff! He's so cute!!


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