Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mmm, comfy cosy Winterness!

Ah, the thaw has finally hit Scotland! V happy about that - had an unfortunate falling-on-my-ass incident the other day. While I was wearing my snow boots. So was feeling rather unsafe after that. Managed to get some shopping done and finally made it back to the gym after a month of not running after hurting my leg. I may be weird, but I just love being in the gym, I always leave feeling happy and energised, especially now my running is improving. It was interesting being all sweaty and hot while watching the snow out the window tho!

So after the running and the showering, it was deemed acceptably late enough (4.45pm...) to put on my pjs. Well, a modified version anyway. Picked up this nightie at a charity shop last week for £1.50 - its lovely and soft and cosy, and was my size for a change! Somehow whenever I find nightwear in charity shops its always too big... My flat has been freezing lately so with some tights, this awesome jumper and my fave slippers, I'm good to go!
As you may have guessed, I'm a bit in love with Shaun the Sheep - I got these socks for Christmas many, many years ago and they're still going strong. Plus they match my amazing slippers!
Unfortunately, I'm working all weekend so won't be wearing my pj collection, just some ugly black combats and trainers. We're still missing films cause of the snow so I also may have some making up of films to do if they ever show up. In the meantime, its all Smallville and knitting. I'm making this scarf for a girl at work to go with the make up bag of the last post for her Secret Santa pressie - gotta get it finished for Thursday so been knitting faster than usual!



  1. It's looking really good! I so wish I could knit.

  2. OOh the scarf is very good, i'm totally hopeless at knitting, somethign i want to try and improve on next yr - can be one of my kresolutions.

  3. Woop, you've won the swan tin and MYSTERY STAR PRIZE on my giveaway! I need to stop talking up this prize so much. It won't be anything marvellous, more a case of whatever I can find that fits inside the tin!!

    Drop me an email with your name and address and I'll get them in the post. It's


  4. Hi Elise! Don't know why I haven't clicked onto your blog before but I love it, makes me want to rush out to the charity shops! Your knitting's so impressive, I'm struggling with the crochet at the min :(


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