Friday, 24 December 2010

Pressies! Good ones too...

So had yet another trip to the sorting office yesterday before work - this time it was something for me tho so totally worth it! It was the awesome 'mystery prize' I won on Alex's giveaway last week, yay! And a v good mystery prize it was too - along with the swan tin came a gorgeous gold coloured scarf and a v cute (handmade?) bird brooch. Which may or may not have ended up on my work fleece with my name tag and Thats What She Said badge... :) Thanks Alex!

Actually, being a bit of a loser, the card was one of my favourite things - but look how pretty it is! It even has tiny writing and detailing on it, think its going in my permanent collection.
In other news, I gave my US TV loving friend her pressie yesterday and she txt last night to say she'd opened it. I call this cheating, but it also gave me an excuse to open mine. And since she always give just the BEST presents, I was quite happy to do so. She didn't disappoint either - I got this fab Office mug and water bottle! And a copy of The Hunger Games book, which I've never heard of but she assures me is brilliant. Man I'm loving Christmas so far!
Here's a random selection of decorations from my little tree, including the toadstools Mother bought me and the M&S penguin we got a few weeks ago - it kinda takes over half the tree haha!
Well, I'm off to fine tune our plan to get out of work early - at the mo it involves films starting early (ahem...) and us helping cleaners blitz the screens after closing - I'll be in Mother's local before 10pm if all goes well!

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Fab selection of pressies and tree decs there!

    Good luck with your plan - have a lovely Christmas! x


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