Thursday, 30 December 2010

This year I have...

Learned to snowboard - kinda
Watched this guy leave work...
...and this one...
...and this awesome gal :(

Found a guy I kinda like

Continued the grand tradition of hair flicking
Added more sheep to my collection - little singing Irish ones...
...and big soft most-suitable-for-preschool-children ones

Met some 'celebrities'
Actually appreciated Summer for the first time ever
Ate a good amount of pizza
Made a pest of myself
Seen some awesome bands - Hanson, my first love...
...and Snow Patrol, a more recent love
Most importantly, laughed a lot

Happy New Year!



  1. You certainly look like you've laughed a lot - good for you and happy 2011 x

  2. What a year! Here's to an ever better 2011! xxx

  3. Yep, laughter is one of life's most important things.

    Happy New Year!


  4. it seems like you've had an amazing year! i can't believe you saw hanson, i had absolutely no idea that they still toured.

  5. I love seeing such happy pictures. Great holidays for you :) And I definitely want to try snowboarding one day. :)

    Bea from A plus B


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