Monday, 6 December 2010

Yup, its snowing...

Hi y'all! Well yes, we now have snow in west Scotland. Its a bummer. Didn't help that I stayed in Glasgow last night and had to battle a blizzard and v slippy motorway to get home for work this morning. I really am stupid sometimes...
Here's a lovely pic from my car taken last week - it was just starting to snow as I left for work, spent most of the day sitting in front of the heater (which is now broken, aah!)
Had a pretty productive Saturday - made this little cosmetic bag as a pressie for my secret santa recipient, it'll be getting filled with mini toiletries I've bought over the year. Managed to get some shopping done in the afternoon, but was a bit of a nightmare navigating M&S and the like - learned my lesson, just bought almost everything else on Amazon!
Sunday was spent with Sean on a Random Day Trip. We planned on heading for Stirling, but took a wring turn somewhere and ended up at the Falkirk Wheel. Was a fun visit, even if the wheel wasn't working because the canal was frozen. Instead we watched an educational video then padded about in knee deep snow.
I usually have a bit of a snow aversion, but I was all wrapped up and the sun was shining and we were on an adventure where I didn't have to drive. So all was good in the world :) Didn't even mind that the snow went in my boots (much...).
We eventually made it to Stirling and climbed up to the castle as the sun was setting - the views were incredible, made me wish for my new camera even more! Hopefully after Christmas I'll have made enough money and it'll be all mine!

We ended the day with a double bill of cinema - Monsters and Harry Potter in Imax - gotta use up those free tickets!



  1. Jealous of the free cinema tickets - did you win them!? I'm seriously considering using any xmas money to get a cinema unlimited card, and then just seeing every film, ever, for the next yr to make it worth it, since the cinema is soooo expensive now!!
    I love the giant horse, and you are so talented, that cosmetic bag is so pretty :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my rant post the other day!! xx

  2. Well I work as a projectionist, so I have to watch the films before they come out, but also get a free film pass, its the best job ever haha! Definately get a year pass, Im always shocked when I actually have to pay for tickets!
    Hope you're feeling better :)


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