Monday, 29 November 2010

Lots of lovely bargains!

Well just about managed to get up at a reasonable time today - was still absolute freezing torture tho! Here's my awesome outfit of the day - I found this dress a few months ago in a charity shop, and after shortening it I'm now in love, its just a perfect fit and so easy to dress up or down.
Dress - Charity shop £4
Cardigan - Charity shop £2
Socks - Wal-Mart 3 for $5
Boots - Converse $65
I'm also in love with these boots - found them in a Converse outlet store for half price and just had to have them!

Here's some charity shop bargains I found before my hols, enjoy!
Big bag of rollers - 50p
Sewing basket - £1
Books - 50p each
Purse - 50p
Scarves - £1 each
HP book (last one I had to get!) - £2
Italian lambswool fur hat (so soft!) - £3
Vintage Disney hat - 50p
Book - free!
Brand new Nine West shoes (in my size!) - £3
Ralph Lauren wool sweater - £1
Vintage stripe tshirt, high waist denims & tie - 10p each
Not really bargains, but I was searching for face wipes for hols and came across some with my name on! This NEVER happens (the curse of having a foreign name) so had to buy them! Also got some 'non-slip' headbands (they're not) and what turned out to be equally rubbish kirby grips. Is the hairdresser the only person with kirbys that actually hold my hair?!


Sunday, 28 November 2010

I'm back! With holiday snaps :D

Wow, long time! Between limited net on holiday and leaving my dongle at Mother's place when I got home, I'm only just back to civilisation! (real life doesn't count the same!) So here's some holiday highlights before I get back to normal this week :)
Eating out for breakfast, a Florida tradition
Finding amazing cakes, but sticking to cookies
Testing new B&J flavours (average price for a tub there is around £1.75 - bit diff from £4.19!)
Watching NBC's Thursday night line up - Community, 30 Rock and The Office, I was in heaven!
Bro Michael and sis-in-law Zoe getting trapped
And again - this one is going on my wall :)
Riding the Carousel, a Disney tradition (never mind that I'm 25 now!)
Found possible the cutest socks ever
The only ride I was truly terrified before going on was Hollywood Tower of Terror. If I'd been sane it would have been this one... Horrible!
Huge highlight was seeing Hanson play at Epcot - only seen them twice in Scotland so this was a great bonus!

Me glowing after Hanson, in what may be the only outfit pic I took!
3 magical places - Hogwarts, Disney World and Super Target! The Harry Potter castle ride was my favourite of the trip, but I can even describe its greatness - you just gotta be there!

Now I'm home, and its FREEZING! Minus 3ish here at the mo, and all I have are ridiculous electric heaters, so visiting mother for my 2 days off - getting up as early as poss tomorrow to head down, can't handle the cold in my flat!


Thursday, 11 November 2010


Apologies for the lack of posts guys, but I'm in FLORIDA! Which is totally awesome, if a tad cooler than we expected. Here's some family randomness to keep you going :)

Gotta go, we're off to Disney today, yay!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Another day, another outfit, another date ;)

Double post today since I was being rather lazy yesterday and couldn't be bothered fighting with laptop - its taken to crashing a lot lately, think it knows that only that and bad drivers are guaranteed to wind me up and I've been rather smiley lately!
So Mother decided she was going shopping yesterday and I of course went along to 'help' - she was going to M&S after all! Came out with 2 tree decorations and a purse sized perfume from 3for2 - thanks Mother! :)
Anyway lets get on with it. I made this dress from vintage fabric I found at my gran's house years ago, but I've just never loved the style of it, don't think I really suit the shape. The pics came out alright tho.
Once I dressed it up it seemed less...bulky?
Cardi - Charity shop £2
Dress - handmade
Tights - Topshop sale £1
Shoes - Debenhams £28

Had another date last night - was gonna get changed but again was feeling lazy, so wore this. Was just a trip to McD's then to pics for Easy A (fabulously funny), but starting to feel more relaxed around each other now. He held my hand thru the film and after we stood in freezing car park talking and....other things...for ages. This coming from someone who does not do PDA - I feel all glowy now haha!
Lastly, my accessory of the weekend, this awesome ring courtesy of Greggs - our handyman recognised that I've yet to grow out of this stuff cause he showed up on Friday with a yummy choc cupcake for me haha!


(actual) Halloween!

Well, I did it. I dressed up. Kinda :) I was a non-slutty devil, hehe. I made this dress at college a few years ago (had a sewing module) and have only worn it once on my 21st, so seized the opportunity to get it out again. I also briefly had 'big' bedhead hair but my hair just didn't wanna play, so ended up with tangled fuzzy hair, yay.... Awesome night overall tho :)
Handmade dress, Debenhams shoes and accessories from Poundland :D
Here we have a lumberjack, demon butcher, devil, wierdo (his words!) and a speed camera. Apparently the speed camera silenced the entire pub - unfortunately I missed it as I was trying to manoeuvre my wings into a loo stall :P
A weapons face off - love how terrifying our demon butcher looks here!
And yes, I was so excited to meet Shaun the Sheep that I actually strolled up to a random stranger in a bar and asked to take his picture. I'm truly a childish geek/loser!

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