Thursday, 27 January 2011

New camera...and an outfit!

Ah I'm just in love with my new camera! I got a book to learn along with and it finally turned up this week so been having fun playing and taking random (not v good!) pictures! Here I am pretending its summer in a new 10p 50s blouse...
Its ridiculous how much I love this sheep. Since I live alone he's been a good photo subject!
The first pic of me with my new camera! My more camera-knowledgeable friend was having a shot, he's the one who takes my random outdoor outfit pics - he just ordered a new Pentax so we're gonna be camera buddies and go lots of walks, if summer ever makes an appearance this year...
Wearing a vintage 50s style skirt with a rock/paper/scissors t-shirt, classy!

Finally managed to get round to doing another outfit post since the camera breaking incident - this new compact one took a bit of getting used to, 10 pics later and this was somehow the best one, sigh.

Found this Monsoon tea dress in charity shop a few weeks ago for £1, yay!
Worn with my best car boot find, hand knit cardi for £3, some vintage necklaces...
...and these fabulous Minnetonka moccasins I found on holiday last year - fell in love with them on Elizabeth's blog so was kinda thrilled when I spotted them in a store in Florida!

So yesterdays outfit was part 40s, part noughties, part Native American...yeah...


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The week so far...

I've been a bit lazy this week, I'm saying it now. You know when you have a day off and you have all kinds of plans that start well, but somehow you still end up falling asleep in the armchair at 4pm? I had that yesterday. And Friday. Its not good. However I did manage to fit in some productive activities around dozing, like...
buying summer shoes in New Look sale - trying to decide if I could wear them this weekend or if its still too... Januaryish...
grabbing a couple of bargains in Tesco, like this too tacky multi-coloured tinsel tree for 75p and Peep Show boxset for £20
blagging my free Model's Own kit courtesy of Fabulous magazine. Was in Tesco at 9am Sunday to collect it and the place was dead, ladies at checkout had no idea what I was talking about, seem's there's not a rush for good freebies here!
testing my new camera! Its amazingly good but I'm still so scared I drop it and break it, wouldn't be the first (or 50th) time I've done that....
hanging out with this guy, who is awesome :)
actually, doing more sleeping


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Channelling my inner VM...

Hi y'all! So I'm back to my ebay selling after a long lazy absence. My spare room has become a dumping ground for items to be sold after a recent clearout, so thought I better get to it!

In case anyone didn't know, I used to be a Visual Merchandiser, I worked for 2 high street chains over a period of a few years. Basically I got out of it cause I got fed up with the thankless world of retail! But all in all the job itself was pretty fun - at the last place I worked I was in charge of Menswear and Kids, which were great to style, surprisingly slightly more freedom was given to me there than the Womanswear & Lingerie team got! The Menswear manager in particular was great - he used to work for Gap and was very on trend with his own wardrobe, so he had me layering everything and thinking outside the box a bit.

Anyway, I haven't done any styling (except on myself!) since I left there 2 years ago, so thought since I was doing a big listing on ebay I'd style up my mannequin Betty with some cute outfits. Enjoy!


Friday, 14 January 2011

We are the children of the night...

Aah, been trying to upload pics for days, what's going on with the blog?! Ah well, sorted now!

So the highlight of the week was definately my mini shopping trip before work on Wednesday - got 3 dresses for £1 each in one charity shop, then headed to the one with the 10p table. OMG. It was stacked high with vintage dresses/blouses/skirt/nightdresses, I was in heaven! Spent £1.80 and came out with a haul even Vix would be proud of! Here's a dress selection below...
Yesterday, I still wasn't shopped out(I know, disgraceful), so bit the bullet and finally ordered a DSLR. Been after one for ages so decided to go for it after finding a good deal on ebay. My friend is getting a new one soon too, so he's gonna teach me to actually work it, hehe.
Last night was pub quiz night, our first of the year, so we all went to pub, had dinner, bought drinks, then the barman tells us its cancelled. Great. So being us, we decided this was an opportunity for adventure (and not a loss of a potential win of £50...), so we headed to...a playpark. But not just any playpark. No, this one is AMAZING. Its down the beach and so good its always full of kids in daylight hours, so we decided to take full advantage of the dark and behave like children.
Here I am posing for an outfit pic in some kind of rope prison... Side note, without realising it I wore an entirely thrifted outfit, go me!
Dress - Charity shop 10p
Belt - Charity shop 50p
Shoes - Charity shop £4.99
Ok so the shoes hurt my feet, but I had a drink in me so what did I care :P
Here I am again on some kind of zip line thing... There was a pair of them so we spent a good amount of time racing each other. Frankie and I also went on a giant chute and on this thing below, a basket swing, where we got spun around and swung til we couldn't see straight.
A good nights work I'd say!


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Shopping and chocolate

As the title suggests, I'm having issues with chocolate (not so much shopping!). Thanks to the mountain of it I got for Christmas, I've spent the last fortnight eating not much else. Its not good. My teeth hurt and I'm turning into a total fattie. But I can't stop it! Ferrero Rocher in particular are too good to resist, so its prob a good thing I only have 2 left... Have partly solved the problem by donating half the boxes to our staff room (the one I never use, so temptation isn't a problem!) but still got a good shelf full left in my cupboard - swithering over whether to just chuck it all out, seems a waste but may help my teeth and stomach!

Here's a recent outfit pic - my camera has broken so got a new one, but still not great at using the timer/viewer, hence the dodgy expression... Funnily enough my dress was chocolate coloured, aah!
Vintage dress - charity shop £4
Shoes - charity shop £2ish
Got some good old bargains in the sales yesterday! Not pictured is a bunch of vintage clothing found in various charity shops - they're currently sitting in a laundry basket waiting for the stuff on my clothes horse to dry...
Picked up some good beauty buys in Poundland - they have a lot of branded make-up at the mo, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel etc so had to buy more eyeliner!
All the jewellery in Accessorize is 70% off now, the best part of the sale! Jewellery is not something I'm particularly into, but wandered in for a nosy and came out with some cuteness - they also have tree decorations heavily reduced!
How cute are these rings? Unfortunately I got a size Large when in fact a Medium might have worked better, they keep sliding around my fingers, not good...

Here's some lovely vintage stuff I found in a charity shop for £1ish each - loving that big flower pendant, shall need to start actually looking in my jewellery box now!


Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hope everyone had a great hogmanay and ate lots of food today. I had a bit of a mad night involving whiskey, a helter skelter, party poppers and lanterns... Haven't made any resolutions yet - I'm sure I thought of a great one last week but can't remember what it was! Anyway, here I am out with my new sheep Red (no-one uses that name any more!) all glittered up last night. Now I gotta get to bed, back to work tomorrow for a nice 12 hour shift, yay...

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