Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hope everyone had a great hogmanay and ate lots of food today. I had a bit of a mad night involving whiskey, a helter skelter, party poppers and lanterns... Haven't made any resolutions yet - I'm sure I thought of a great one last week but can't remember what it was! Anyway, here I am out with my new sheep Red (no-one uses that name any more!) all glittered up last night. Now I gotta get to bed, back to work tomorrow for a nice 12 hour shift, yay...



  1. Aw, Red is freaking adorable.

  2. 12 hour shift? Uck :( Hope you survived it!

  3. i'm still working out what to use as my resolutions too :(
    i hope you had a lovely xmas and new yr!! xx

  4. UAU!!! I like so much your outfit!!!! simple, some kind of minimal and also great!


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