Saturday, 15 January 2011

Channelling my inner VM...

Hi y'all! So I'm back to my ebay selling after a long lazy absence. My spare room has become a dumping ground for items to be sold after a recent clearout, so thought I better get to it!

In case anyone didn't know, I used to be a Visual Merchandiser, I worked for 2 high street chains over a period of a few years. Basically I got out of it cause I got fed up with the thankless world of retail! But all in all the job itself was pretty fun - at the last place I worked I was in charge of Menswear and Kids, which were great to style, surprisingly slightly more freedom was given to me there than the Womanswear & Lingerie team got! The Menswear manager in particular was great - he used to work for Gap and was very on trend with his own wardrobe, so he had me layering everything and thinking outside the box a bit.

Anyway, I haven't done any styling (except on myself!) since I left there 2 years ago, so thought since I was doing a big listing on ebay I'd style up my mannequin Betty with some cute outfits. Enjoy!



  1. Great styling! I love the swan belt especially.
    One of my friend's is a visual merchandiser for a big menswear chain and loves it. I get exhausted dressing my two mannequins for ebay, it's such hard work. xxx

  2. These look brill, oh how I want a mannequin!! Steeling myself to do some ebay listing tomorrow too, it's grim! :(

  3. Love how you've styled everything up! Hope it all does really well on ebay,

    A friend of a friend is a visual merchandiser and loves it, but she's not so fond of having to work weekends and holidays all the time.

  4. I love the way that you have put them all together, I think id love a job like that, but I can imagine that some of the larger chain stores owulnd't give you the creative freedom that perhaps you'd like as a lot of the high street windows seem to be laid out the same whichever town your'e in!

  5. fantastic! you have a great eye! i agree, retail is very difficult to work in, but it looks like you learned a lot from it!

  6. wahey my item has arrived today :) thank you!


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