Thursday, 27 January 2011

New camera...and an outfit!

Ah I'm just in love with my new camera! I got a book to learn along with and it finally turned up this week so been having fun playing and taking random (not v good!) pictures! Here I am pretending its summer in a new 10p 50s blouse...
Its ridiculous how much I love this sheep. Since I live alone he's been a good photo subject!
The first pic of me with my new camera! My more camera-knowledgeable friend was having a shot, he's the one who takes my random outdoor outfit pics - he just ordered a new Pentax so we're gonna be camera buddies and go lots of walks, if summer ever makes an appearance this year...
Wearing a vintage 50s style skirt with a rock/paper/scissors t-shirt, classy!

Finally managed to get round to doing another outfit post since the camera breaking incident - this new compact one took a bit of getting used to, 10 pics later and this was somehow the best one, sigh.

Found this Monsoon tea dress in charity shop a few weeks ago for £1, yay!
Worn with my best car boot find, hand knit cardi for £3, some vintage necklaces...
...and these fabulous Minnetonka moccasins I found on holiday last year - fell in love with them on Elizabeth's blog so was kinda thrilled when I spotted them in a store in Florida!

So yesterdays outfit was part 40s, part noughties, part Native American...yeah...



  1. Love the pink skirt and those moccasins are amazing, adore them!!!!

    Hannah xx

  2. love that david and goliath tee!!
    and the sheep ;)

  3. Ahh I love all your clothes! Yeah my cats are pretty sick of me waving a camera in their faces now. At least your sheep will keep still for you!

  4. I love your coral pencil skirt, it shows up your fabulously long legs & trim figure wonderfully. xxx

  5. i love the print on that brown dress. i definitely get the 40's vibe!

  6. Have just read back through your blog it's great!! So varied. Love the david and goliath tee and that whole outfit. x

  7. New visitor to your blog - Hi!! What book did you get for your photography - I am looking for a good one to learn some basics etc xx

  8. Nic, I got the D3100 Digital Field Guide from Amazon - obviously specifically for that camera but I think they do other ones. Its really good, altho I've only just started, been a bit lazy on the reading lately! :)


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