Thursday, 6 January 2011

Shopping and chocolate

As the title suggests, I'm having issues with chocolate (not so much shopping!). Thanks to the mountain of it I got for Christmas, I've spent the last fortnight eating not much else. Its not good. My teeth hurt and I'm turning into a total fattie. But I can't stop it! Ferrero Rocher in particular are too good to resist, so its prob a good thing I only have 2 left... Have partly solved the problem by donating half the boxes to our staff room (the one I never use, so temptation isn't a problem!) but still got a good shelf full left in my cupboard - swithering over whether to just chuck it all out, seems a waste but may help my teeth and stomach!

Here's a recent outfit pic - my camera has broken so got a new one, but still not great at using the timer/viewer, hence the dodgy expression... Funnily enough my dress was chocolate coloured, aah!
Vintage dress - charity shop £4
Shoes - charity shop £2ish
Got some good old bargains in the sales yesterday! Not pictured is a bunch of vintage clothing found in various charity shops - they're currently sitting in a laundry basket waiting for the stuff on my clothes horse to dry...
Picked up some good beauty buys in Poundland - they have a lot of branded make-up at the mo, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel etc so had to buy more eyeliner!
All the jewellery in Accessorize is 70% off now, the best part of the sale! Jewellery is not something I'm particularly into, but wandered in for a nosy and came out with some cuteness - they also have tree decorations heavily reduced!
How cute are these rings? Unfortunately I got a size Large when in fact a Medium might have worked better, they keep sliding around my fingers, not good...

Here's some lovely vintage stuff I found in a charity shop for £1ish each - loving that big flower pendant, shall need to start actually looking in my jewellery box now!



  1. amazing jewellery, what good finds! x

  2. Oh I love the flower pendant and house decoration! (My teeth hurt too).

  3. Ooh I love that dress and would quite happily steal each and every one of those necklaces! The round pendant is just beautiful.

    I say go hardcore with the choc - either eat it all or chuck it all!

  4. I love that dress, you look like Miss Brahms from Are You Being Served? Great chazza finds, too. xxx

  5. You have such luck with vintage finds - the dress is great!! :) And I can never seem to find any sheos that fit my giant feet in charity or vintage shops!

  6. I love the jewellery, so pretty! I always forget to look in the jewellery section at charity shops...I really should do so more often! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. So beautiful your dress and your shoes!! love it!! :) im a new follower!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!

    xx :)

  8. i'm the same way with chocolate. my dad brings me some whenever he comes back from europe and i gorge on it until my teeth literally ache. i have to bury the rest in the trash can so i stop eating it!

  9. I'm amazed with what you can by for a pound or two! Great choices esp. shoes!

  10. Gorgeous vintage necklaces! x

  11. you look great


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