Friday, 14 January 2011

We are the children of the night...

Aah, been trying to upload pics for days, what's going on with the blog?! Ah well, sorted now!

So the highlight of the week was definately my mini shopping trip before work on Wednesday - got 3 dresses for £1 each in one charity shop, then headed to the one with the 10p table. OMG. It was stacked high with vintage dresses/blouses/skirt/nightdresses, I was in heaven! Spent £1.80 and came out with a haul even Vix would be proud of! Here's a dress selection below...
Yesterday, I still wasn't shopped out(I know, disgraceful), so bit the bullet and finally ordered a DSLR. Been after one for ages so decided to go for it after finding a good deal on ebay. My friend is getting a new one soon too, so he's gonna teach me to actually work it, hehe.
Last night was pub quiz night, our first of the year, so we all went to pub, had dinner, bought drinks, then the barman tells us its cancelled. Great. So being us, we decided this was an opportunity for adventure (and not a loss of a potential win of £50...), so we headed to...a playpark. But not just any playpark. No, this one is AMAZING. Its down the beach and so good its always full of kids in daylight hours, so we decided to take full advantage of the dark and behave like children.
Here I am posing for an outfit pic in some kind of rope prison... Side note, without realising it I wore an entirely thrifted outfit, go me!
Dress - Charity shop 10p
Belt - Charity shop 50p
Shoes - Charity shop £4.99
Ok so the shoes hurt my feet, but I had a drink in me so what did I care :P
Here I am again on some kind of zip line thing... There was a pair of them so we spent a good amount of time racing each other. Frankie and I also went on a giant chute and on this thing below, a basket swing, where we got spun around and swung til we couldn't see straight.
A good nights work I'd say!



  1. that play park looks amazing, waay more exciting than anything we ever had round here!
    and well done on all the charity shop bargains!!
    i hate when pubs don't tell you info like that until after you;ve ordered - we went for our xmas meal to a curry house, and ordered, starters arrived and then they told us they didn't take cards as the card machine was broken. ffs!!!

  2. Your dresses look fab - what a bargain! And I love those shoes - so cute. My DSLR arrived on Wednesday and I actually had trouble attaching the strap, even with the instructions and diagram! Thank god my course starts on Monday!!

  3. I'm mega impressed. That mustard and black one looks particularly lovely.
    Shoes that hurt? Since when are comfortable feet important with £4.99 beauties like that?
    Looks like you had a brilliant time despite the initial setback. xxx

  4. Oh I am JEALOUS of the vintage frock haul! I think I need to expand my charity shop horizons as it's all the mainstream charity shops round here and they just don't seem to have the bargains on offer.

    The playpark looks like so much fun!

  5. Love those shoes! You can't beat a good wedge!

  6. heyy there(: just happened upon your blog! so so glad i did! it sounds like you had a very successful time and i would just like to add that you will NOT regret getting a DSLR i love mine and the photo quality is so lovelyy! so glad i dropped by(:


  7. Cute dress! And I love those shoes!
    Jealous that you are getting a DSLR- my cousin just got that same Nikon for Christmas and it takes amazing photographs!

  8. Where do you live that charity shops are so cheap!?


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