Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The week so far...

I've been a bit lazy this week, I'm saying it now. You know when you have a day off and you have all kinds of plans that start well, but somehow you still end up falling asleep in the armchair at 4pm? I had that yesterday. And Friday. Its not good. However I did manage to fit in some productive activities around dozing, like...
buying summer shoes in New Look sale - trying to decide if I could wear them this weekend or if its still too... Januaryish...
grabbing a couple of bargains in Tesco, like this too tacky multi-coloured tinsel tree for 75p and Peep Show boxset for £20
blagging my free Model's Own kit courtesy of Fabulous magazine. Was in Tesco at 9am Sunday to collect it and the place was dead, ladies at checkout had no idea what I was talking about, seem's there's not a rush for good freebies here!
testing my new camera! Its amazingly good but I'm still so scared I drop it and break it, wouldn't be the first (or 50th) time I've done that....
hanging out with this guy, who is awesome :)
actually, doing more sleeping



  1. Oooh I'm tempted by the Peep Show set, might pop into Tesco tomorrow... :)

    And Hurrah for snazzy new cameras! I'm sooo scared about dropping mine too tho :(

  2. That camera looks a right old beast and I'm so glad you've got a lovely man there. xxx

  3. Love the tinsel tree! I was trying to find one all holiday season long, but alas, I did not find such luck. Lovely blog :)

  4. such a nice camera! have fun playing around with it.


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