Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Could I be the luckiest person in the world today?

So here's a quick back story to my luck. My sister in law's stepfather recently inherited a house after an elderly relative died (wanna say his aunt...), and he decided to let my brother and sis in law move in. Lucky them. So they were clearing the place out before moving and came across a LOT of old stuff. Namely 2 huge cardboard boxes of vintage curtains and fabric. Guess who just inherited these? Thats right, me! Went round last night to pick them up and had a very old suitcase thrown my way too. I love old lady hoarders now :)
Here's the suitcase. Not in the best condition but just planning on using it for storage, its pretty huge! (thats what she said...grow up Elise!)
And here's some of the fabric! The green stuff was still in its original paper bag, and the pink stuff I pounced on with intentions of making a 50's style dress, weird since, like Alex, I usually have a serious aversion to pink...
Here it is out the bag...
I have a crazy urge to make a cute party dress with these curtains and use one of the frilled tie backs as a belt :P
Gorgeous bit of lace, thinking it could become big sleeves on a blouse?
Must make a summer mini out of this!
And this!

Funnily enough, the only fabric I didn't like was the orange stuff in the bottom right, its pretty gaudy...
Brand new rather old pillow cases! Don't know about anyone else but I like it when my bedcovers and pillows don't quite match, so planning to use these at some point.
Found these curtains still in the original bag - the only shop bought ones in the boxes.
Remember Texstyle World?! They even came with a receipt - from September 1994 (my 9 year old self would not have liked these)

My favourite colour in the world - tempted to restyle this into a 40's suit...

The stash! Its now back in boxes about to get tidied upstairs - can't take it home cause I may be moving again (don't ask) so Mother will be just thrilled to discover she gets to keep it for now.
Love my mum's big ol' kitchen, great for channelling my inner poser.



  1. What a fabulous stash! That top pink curtain looks remarkably like a pastel pink one I used to cover my dressing table stool. I love all the orange retro prints, they would make a fabulous skirt. xxx

  2. Oh my God, I thought you were just talking about the suitcase! Yes, you are indeed the luckiest girl in the world, I'm so jealous!

    So strange to see vintage fabrics in their original bright colors too, not all faded. Gah, I'm off to have a little cry...

  3. Wow - you are lucky! What amazing fabrics! Its great to think that soon they will see the light of day again. (LOL @ 'that's what she said!' - Michael would be proud!)

  4. absolutely brilliant haul! lucky you xx

  5. What an amazing stash of fabrics. They all look great. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Oh and glad to see someone else says "thats what she said"!! x

  6. how amazingly lucky!!
    i particularly love the yellow rose print one, i can't wait to see what you make with them all! :)

  7. I am about to weep with envy! The green fabric in the first photos is gorgeous but so is just about everything else except the pink, obviously, haha! You'll have to keep us updated as to what you make with them all.

  8. Eeee, so much lovely fabric <3 I am jealous!

  9. Ooh, what a fantastic haul! I can't wait to see what you create out of those. The green floral print at the top is really fabulous; and you have a lovely old suitcase, too! Lucky lucky girl : )

  10. what a fabulous lot of goodies! Im on the look out at the moment for some vintage cases, loving the one you were given :o)
    Scarlett x


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