Thursday, 24 February 2011


It may seem weird that, despite working in a cinema and watching movies at home constantly, I don't talk about them much. This is mainly cause a) I watch too many movies and would be on here reviewing all the time, and b) after watching, I really only think about whether I liked it or not, and don't really like to disect it too much (this having ruined a lot of books for me in English class at school :P). But after watching Cracks the other night, I couldn't resist sharing some pics from it.

Now, Sean thinks its hilarious that after rating a period movie, I also rate on whether the costumes were any good. I think this is a perfectly valid point to review on, and the costumes in this film just made it great for me. It was set in 1934, so lots of high waists and pretty sundresses kept popping up. Don't want to give away too much of the plot, but basically Eva Green plays a school teacher at a girls boarding school, and after a new girl arrives from Spain, things turn jealous and creepy. (see, great at reviews!) Couldn't find as many pics as I would have liked, don't think it was a particularly big release, so just enjoy these ones and make believe its a quaint British summers day - one of those ones without rain that is :)



  1. This looks interesting - I love Eva Green, and the period clothes look wonderful.

  2. I love Eva Green. That does sound like an ionteresting film, not that we evr get anything good at our vile multiplex, it's all action, animation and Harry bloody Potter. xxx

  3. Haven't heard of this one, I love Eva too!

  4. Dissecting books in English Lit spoiled a lot of them for me too so I know exactly where you're coming from. And yes, Eva Green is a princess!

    K xx

  5. love this movie!!

  6. haven't heard of this one, i'm always wary of reviewing films, i wanted to have a crack at black swan, but i'm worried that all i ever do is give bad reviews and find fault :S

  7. Hello, found your blog through Vintge Vixen and thought I'd say hi.

    Thanks for the film review, I haven't seen this but it looks completely my sort of thing. I finally got a babysitter last night, and my husband and I became the last people in the country to see 'The King's Speech'. I loved it of course, but wondered how many other people were watching it coveting the art deco teaset that Mrs Logue owned!

    My blog is mostly witterings about charity shop buys...

  8. Oh I missed seeing this at the cinema and still haven't got round to tracking it down on dvd - I think it looks fascinating and really want to watch it! As if the DVD pile isn't already big enough...

  9. Maria Valverde was a stunner here. She looked so young. This movie creeps me out but I love watching it over and over so I can admire the clothes. Made a 'cracks' post in our early blog days where we dressed up as them!

    Bea from A plus B

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