Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Even more shoes...

I've turned into a bit of a shoe fiend lately, good for me but not my wardrobe! Or my bank balance, come to think of it...

Found these excellent sandals along with the M&S shoes from last week - loved them on sight but when I tried them on at home the heels weren't quite as high as I remembered... Still, not bad for £3! Plus vintage and my size, win!
Now I actually did need ankle boots to go with some trousers/jeans that I never wear in winter, and these New Look ones were comfy AND a bargain at £15. The knee high ones just kinda found their way into the bag too... Still swithering over whether to keep them - they really only go with dresses but they're nice and warm and not too high heeled, rather practical I think!
Here's a couple of vintage dresses I picked up last week. Yes, I need more dresses like a hole in the head, but the front one has STRAWBERRIES on it!!!! So yes I do need that, even if it is 2 sizes too big... (pfft, I can sew) The polka dot one was found on a £1 rail, but its really too big so may be finding its way to ebay soon, sigh.
And lastly, I finally found a Little Black Dress. Another thing I actually did need (heh). This dress is just perfect, if an annoyingly strange fit - waist too big, hips a little snug. Nothing a sewing machine and some non vpl underwear couldn't fix tho! I wore this to the party we were at on Friday with my leopard print Clavin Klein heels, wishing I'd got a pic now, felt very elegant for a change!



  1. All neccesary purchases I think you'll find! Good bargain-hunting. I actually LOVE those high boots. Are they New Look too?

    Thanks for popping by :)

  2. Bargains! You need new dresses like a hole in the head? Sounds like me. Do you think we have an addiction? xxx

  3. Ah those dresses are both too beautiful not to have bought them. Do you have any vintage loving friends who might fit into them if they're definitely too big for you?

  4. fantastic thrift finds!! I adore the ankle boots.


  5. great finds, those sandals remind me of a pair i used to hgave!


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