Monday, 14 February 2011

Heart shaped pizza and no work clothes!

Let me say something straight off - I don't really care for Valentine's day. It just all seems a bit...pointless. I mean, if you love someone you should show them every day right? I'm right, I know ;) Plus I'm generally a bit forgetful about dates, so planned to go to Mother's tonight without realising... However, Sean and I had a fun, love themed date on Friday - we just planned to go out for dinner, but the place we picked had a Valentine menu on, so I ended up with an impressive heart shaped pizza....
...and we had way more funt han we should have playing with the heart shaped table sequins. Yes we're 25, only on the outside tho :)
I got some lovely roses afterwards tho...
... and a card with a badge! I love tacky badges, easily amused haha. And flowers. I wouldn't thank you for chocolates or jewellery but if someone gives me flowers, I feel special :)
Finally, a non black outfit! Been working the last 7 days, and this morning (my boss offered to pay me overtime to check our print of Paul - i.e. sit in the screen with my breakfast and watch a new movie - so of course I said yes), so I was glad to get into some 'real' clothes for a change.
Cardi - charity shop £2
Dress - charity shop 10p
Belt - charity shop 50p
Shoes - HH at Debenhams £28
This belt is my fave colour in the world.

Decided to go stay with Mother tonight - good idea in theory (quick internet, unlimited junk food supply...) but shes spent the night watching soaps and now she's got One Born Every Minute on. Which is NOT something I need to see. So have solved the problem by taking out my contact lenses. Now I can't see anything - sometimes I'm surprised how smart I can be, hehe!



  1. That dress is fabulous, love it! I'm dying to see Paul so I'll be anxiously awaiting your review. xxx

  2. And what are your thoughts on Paul? I have mixed feelings about Simon Pegg - loved Spaced and Hot Fuzz, hated Shaun of the Dead (think I must be the only person!). I haven't heard great reviews of Paul so am a tad concerned...

    That pizza looks scrummy!

  3. What charity shops do you go in that sell things for 10p?! Things as gorgeous as that dress as well! You're another blogger whose cardies I covet, I'm on a cardie mission at the mo!

    (That pizza looks suspiciously like they just cut a wedge out of the top rather than actually make the dough heart-shaped, am I right?!)

  4. Haha yeah but the guy was so pleased with himself so I took a pic! I'll share a review of Paul tomorrow - not allowed to tell Sean anything until he's seen it and I think he knows the name of my blog... :P

  5. love this outfit...
    i've never really been a fan of simon pegg so wasnt' planning to go and see Paul tbh, but maybe your review will make me change my mind :)


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