Saturday, 26 February 2011

Isn't knitting fun?!

Here's what I've done today - caught up on my knitting and watched movies! I'm up to 4 - The Runaways, The Princess Bride, Never let me go and To kill a mockingbird, all pretty average I thought, Never let me go was dissappointingly dull and Mockingbird was v dated, but all entertaining enough.
Here's the top I just picked up again - somehow started it in September and never got round to finishing it. Was flying along today but gotta change needles and don't have the other ones with me - tomorrow more progress shall be made!
Was at my mum's yesterday and instead of catching up on my sewing I got distracted by some old knitting patterns I found stashed under a stool in the kitchen - think they were my gran's at one point. Got major giggles looking thru them, there were so many dodgy expressions on the model's faces that I just had to share;
Check out the demon kids in bottom one
These guys ALL look like they're up to something, hardly surprising
First woman is like 'dont take my picture!' (muttered thru clenched teeth), second one is just plain weird looking!
Not a funny pic, I just really wanna make this
How amazingly cute is this baby? And I am NOT a baby person but I just had a gooey moment when I saw this one haha
And this guy. What can I say? I turned the pattern over and saw him and just burst into hysterics! Great entertainment.



  1. That last one is very worrying! This is really funny as I have been planning a 'bad knitting models' party, you definitely have some entries here!

  2. Conclusive proof that it's impossible to look threatening whilst wearing a bobble hat! Yeah it's pretty bad that the baby's the best model of them all!

  3. Robin is a legend! I wonder if he's stikll with us and has a copies of his work from his child modelling days! I like to hope so.

  4. I have the most insane collection of knitting and crochet patterns from the 1940's to the early 1970's. I can barely do either but the models and the poses are too mad to ever part with. xxx

  5. Noooooo - you didn't like The Princess Bride? It's brilliant! Perhaps I'm more nostalgic about it because it's so much a part of my childhood. As for Never Let Me Go, people seem to be falling into two very definite camps on it - either it's dull and slow or subtle and very powerful. I'm of the latter opinion - I absolutely loved it.

    The demon children knitting pattern REALLY freaked me out btw!

  6. Did you like The Runaways? I watched it with my daughter and we thought it was the most ludicrous thing we'd since in quite a while!

    K xxx

  7. oh i really want to see 'never let me go', i'm hoping it's not a disappointment!
    and please make a giant version of the rabbit jumper, it's fab! :)

  8. Alex - I did like it, but feel it might have been better appreciated had I seen it say 20 years ago!

    Keshling - I was a bit meh about the whole thing, I mean who burns out that quickly?! Loved the glitter platforms tho, was worth putting up with Kristen Stewart for them!

  9. omg that last one has to be the best pattern pic I have ever seen!


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