Monday, 14 February 2011

Look what I found....

Went a quick scoot round the shops after work yesterday and found a couple of great items in one of my fave charity shops. Unfortunately its been temporarily moved to a smaller store, but the clothes were somehow better than usual!
First I found a Little Black Top - one of those wardrobe staples (I think) that I just don't seem to have in my wardrobe, so was excited to find this pretty M&S one in my size - and only £2, yay. Was having a rake thru the nightwear when this gingham fabric caught my eye. When I pulled the clothes aside and found this beauty, I grabbed it! Turned out to be an amazing wool skirt in just the shape I've been looking for, so exciting.
Some details of the outfit. The skirt actually came with an ugly black belt that was quickly ditched, so I added my own for photographing purposes! Turned out to be a little big, altho it looked really small on the hanger, so looks like my sewing pile has grown again! Tempted to just wear it at the weekend anyway with a belt - really want to try some casual styling with it and see how it turns out.
Versatile colours, feminine shape AND pockets? What's not to love? Was meant to be saving money for my train fare to Glasgow at the weekend, but totally not resenting giving that £3.50 to the hospice in exchange for this skirt! A new outfit for £5.50 is math I like.



  1. Oh that skirt is perfection! What a fabulous bargain as well.

  2. It had to be done, bargains too good to be missed out on. The detailing on the tops sleeves is very pretty.x

  3. That skirt really shows off your gorgeous figure! Eighties-tastic in a good way. xxx


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