Monday, 21 February 2011

Most awesome weekend I think...

Well as I mentioned in the last post, I was off to see Submarine at the film festival on Friday night. It turned out to be totally amazing, earning my first 5 star film rating of the year (and I'm pretty stingy with my ratings...). Basically its the story of a 15 year old boy who falls in love and at the same time has to deal with eccentric parents and life in general. Its set in Wales, and the whole shoot was absolutely stunning to look at. Found out afterwards it was based on a book, which is going in my shopping basket as soon as another Amazon voucher finds its way to me!
Director Richard Ayoade introduced the film then answered questions afterwards - I got to ask him something, which added to my almost uncontrollable excitement (before the film everyone was queueing up all casual and I was actually jumping at one point, such a geek!). Then afterwards we found him in the bar and I got to have an actual conversation, aaah!
He wasn't very chatty but very pleasant all the same :)

On Saturday we decided to be slightly more energetic than usual, so off we went for a carvery lunch then a walk around the woods. Got some gorgeous pics - it was lovely and quiet, a little rainy and cold but not really noticeable once we got going.

We ended up walking a longer path than planned - thot it would bring us round in a circle but it totally didn't, much leg hurt and tiredness came afterwards when we went to see Tangled (again...) and fell asleep thru the first half, oops!

So now its back to another week of work, ugh! Ooh I also have more goodies on eBay til Wednesday, go look!



  1. Oh I could never go to the cinema after a walk, I'd be zonked!

  2. ah lovely wods pictures i really want to go for a walk in the woods now :)

  3. Oh I'll have to keep an eye out for that film. The director man looks lovely :) I got well overexcited when I asked a question at a film Q&A last year, haha!

  4. YOU MET MOSS. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY ENVY :( i want to see that film sooo bad! xx

  5. Those woods are gorgeous!!! And I love going to film fests, I need to see what playing near me now!!

    Sparrow & Urchin


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