Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stripes and florals = goodness :)

Just a quick outfit post today - I've been rather lazy about taking pictures this week since I've either been at work or out winning pub quizzes, yay! The other day I was having one of those moments where I had to be dressed within ten minutes so I could catch a train, and I had no clue what to wear, and somehow when I threw everything on it just kinda worked out. Anyone else know what I mean? My usual tactic is to stare at my clothes rail for ages then attempt to build up a semi interesting outfit, but clearly I was working well under pressure on Monday!
I picked up this Principles blazer at a charity shop last week, in mint condition AND my size for only £2.50, was rather chuffed! (esp since I used to work there and actually know how much this is worth...)
Blazer - charity shop £2.50
Hoodie - Target $7
Top - Long Tall Sally £5
Jeans - DP Tall ...
Scarves - charity shop £1 each
Was doing a bit of layering since I knew I'd be walking around in the cold, so on went 2 scarves and 3 long sleeved items, was nice and toasty!
And finally, my trusty New Look boots, bought with a combo of discount and gift vouchers in 2009, and I just love them, they go with everything and keep my feet (relatively) dry.



  1. Isn't it great when thrown together outfits turn out so stylish? You look amazing in those jeans, too. xxx

  2. My opinion exactly! Your legs look fab in those jeans. Sometimes it's better when you don't overthink things...

  3. That blazer is lovely, never think to go in to Principles but if that's the kind of thing they're selling might have to make the effort.

  4. That outfit looks great, very put together, wouldn't have believed you pulled it in so little time. The blazer is gorgeous and a great buy. Love the scarves. x

  5. Oh you look great. Clearly you're one of those envy-inducing women who can layer and not look like a Michelin man. I need to develop that skill!

  6. lovely outfits with all the different layrrs which seem to comlpement each other so well!

  7. i love your charity shop scarfs and what a bargain blazer! it's so funny how things work - the less time we have to get the ready the better our outfits look. well, most of the time anyway. haha. xx

  8. Your boots are rad! Very tough in a simple kind of way. I would get a pair just like that :)

    Bea from A plus B


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