Friday, 25 February 2011

Today's outfit

A little outfit post today since I had a longed-for day off. Have actually done some canny re-arranging of my shifts next week so got 3 days off in a row, cue sigh of relief! Work has been a bit tedious lately but didn't wanna take a week off cause I'm going on hols next month, so went for a compromise :p

Anyway, here's my mild weather outfit from today - remember the boots I returned to New Look cause I couldn't really afford them? Well it turns out you can't return sale stuff there any more, so ended up keeping them and got credit vouchers for the other pair. Was not impressed, won't be shopping in there again for a while! (actually just won't be shopping for a while, on a bit of a money saving drive...I know, how dull)
Jumper - Topshop Tall, v old
Dress - Topshop Tall, almost as old
Tights - ...
Socks - M&S sale, £2
Boots - New Look £20
They are lovely boots tho, aren't they? Altho annoyingly I got a size bigger cause the 7s felt small, but these are def too big. My feet hate me :/
Found this cute fleecy bow on the 10p table the other day, was full of kids clothes so not entirely sure this isn't off some soft toy...
Got this Mickey Mouse bracelet on hols last year, love it!



  1. I love your outfit, especially those boots with the lacy socks peeping out over the top.

  2. Love your boots! New Look is BRILLIANT sometimes. And better too big than too small, I suppose - at least you can wear warm socks :)

  3. Oh how rude about not being able to return sale stuff! The boots are fab though. And I LOVE the bow - who cares if it's from a soft toy, it's brilliant!

  4. Those boots are gorgeous on you. Why don't you get some insoles from Poundland? they'll make the boots feel lots more snug. xxx

  5. Hurrah for soft toys worn as headwear! Love those socks too - they remind me of my childhood ones!


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