Friday, 4 February 2011

Vintage shoes and the perfect jeans

Ok maybe this is just me, but you know those jeans that you have that just fit PERFECTLY, that are the right length and make you butt look amazing, and SOMEHOW fit in the thighs AND waist (I have sz 8 waist and sz 10 hips, grr)? These are those jeans. Found in Topshop Tall sale for £15, I'm absolutely in love with them, but cause I don't really wear jeans anymore this is a rare viewing of them! In fact the view is rubbish cause my new camera is a bit rubbish, but hopefully you get the idea... I wore this to go out for my BFF's birthday - terribly casual but we were just pub quizzing it since it was a school night :)
Vintage Ralph Lauren jumper - charity shop £1
Vintage blouse - found in gran's wardrobe :)
Jeans - Topshop Tall £15
Shoes - charity shop £3
Found these lovely pearls in charity shop recently for £1 - feel like a real lady with them on!
Vintage shoes in my size! (7, so ya know) Actually also found vintage sandals the same day, was quite pleased with myself.
Anyone else go looking for shoes in charity shops and notice they seem to be overrun with size 5? Sometimes I wish for more dainty feet...
Here's my best buddy Davy, who turns 25 today. We've been friends for almost ten years now after sharing the pain of 5th year English with our other BFF Mhairi. We both agree life is better without the hassle of going to school!



  1. love that blouse and well done on the rare find of a pair of vintage shoes in a size 7 - i never find vintage to fit!

  2. Those shoes are absolutely amazing! I'm an 8 so I never even bother looking at the shoes in charity shops.

    Love the blouse too ... I'll be visiting my granny tomorrow ... Hmmm ... :D

  3. Gorgeous from head to toe! Shoes? Tell me about it? My feet were too big for both beauties I found today and my size 5 friend went home with a spring in her step! xxx

  4. Perfect jeans are so hard to come across!! The shirt is very pretty and well done on the shoe find. x

  5. I struggle with vintage shoes too. I'm a 6 which you wouldn't think would be that difficult to find but they're always teeny tiny sizes, grrr.

  6. I rarely actually look at shoes in charity shops either being blessed with a size 7/8 pair of feet. Bummer, right? At least you have lovely legs above your feet - jeans are pretty much impossible for me!

  7. so THAT'S where they're hiding the jeans for us hourglass-shaped ladies! definitely going to have to check out their site, you look lovely.

  8. I love the pic of you and your friend! I have the hardest time finding jeans, I just don't bother anymore. Higher/mid waists are thankfully back in style because those are the only ones that ever fit my butt/hips/waist.


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