Thursday, 17 February 2011


I recently realised how long its been since I've been out a good long walk. When I worked part time I was out at least twice a week, walking for miles along the beach and round the 'nice' parts of town, plus I cycled everywhere too. Now where I live it'd be rather dangerous trying to cycle, and I just seem to be at work all the daylight hours. But today I was feeling restless and decided to skip the gym in favour of a long walk with my new camera. I'd say I'm reasonably fit, but I ended up walking further than planned and legs were killing me on the way back, not good!

Found a ruin of a castle at the (very very) far end of the beach - couldn't see a (safe) way of getting up there but there was no-one around so I just snapped away for ages.

Of course I brought Red!

The very far left of that line in the background is where I started, hence the leg hurt!

Attempting a self portrait - wearing the strawberry dress!

Oh, nearly forgot to share my review of Paul. Actually, can sum it up in one word - meh. I mean it wasn't BAD, but compared to the other two (Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead) it sure wasn't as funny as it should have been. In fact Kristen Wiig was the highlight for me, she was as good as ever, but I think the because it was less 'English' than the others it kind of lost some of the charm. However, I always ask myself at the end of a movie 'would I be p*ssed if I'd paid to see this?', and I don't think I would have been. So it didn't meet expectations but it was relatively entertaining.

Now tomorrow night I'm really looking forward to - going to see Submarine at the GFT for the film festival and Richard Ayoade will be there before the show, double triple yay!!!



  1. How lucky are you to have that scenery on your doorstep? Thanks for the review. Nick Frost sat behind me at the Big Chill and I was insanely excited, I kept turning round to look at him like some kind of weird stalker. xxx

  2. Wow look at that castle! Hope your legs are recovered, love the look of those earmuffs!

  3. I'm not surprised your legs are tired! I'd have collapsed in a heap halfway along the beach due to extreme feebleness.

    I sense I won't be spending my money on going to see Paul. Too many other things I want to see more.

  4. same with me and cinema as alex..i'm not that bothered by the pair of them anyway, so doubt i'll see it, unless i do end up getting a cinema unlimeted card..
    i wish i was more inspired to go for a big walk now and then, i'm sure that my town is a little more exciting than i give it credit for in terms of places to walk if i actually ever bothered to....

  5. Ahh, I wish I looked that cute when I went walking! That dress is adorable. That castle is pretty amazing-- what a stunning landscape!

  6. I love long walks at the coast. In fact, I'm rather jealous of you! ;)
    Very cute outfit...ahhh, a strawberry dress!!


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