Friday, 11 March 2011

My new favourite dress

I found this Next dress on my fave £1 rail, but it was a bit longer (frumpier) so the length got swiftly altered and now I kinda love it. It has a total 90s vibe, I've managed to wear it quite a few times but never got round to photographing it til now. I'm doing v casual today, the weather here at Mother's is awful, mega windy, rainy and freezing. Most of today was spent indoor's with our knitting and a v long old movie that Mother did not appreciate but still let me watch, she rocks. It's bizarre how not alike but somehow very alike we are!
Hoodie - Target $7 ish
Cardi - M&S mens £9 sale
Dress - charity shop £1
Socks - H&M
Boots - Converse $65
Can't beat a waist tie - I like to wrap them round and knot them
Trusty boots

Mother's bathroom is rather cute so thought I'd share some pics. The only drawback is that it actually is a bathroom, ie no shower. Drives me nuts, I have no patience for baths, but I do like the decor :)

This shower cap appeared recently. I wish I used one, its too cute!
My v old Shaun the Sheep bubble bath topper and a v old non working fish clock. I remember this came from the 50p shop we had in town, the pre-£1 shop I guess!

Back to work tomorrow, aah!

edit: I watched Hall Pass the other day, not amazing but not as bad as expected, I gave it 2. Chalet Girl next week, sigh...



  1. that dress was an amazing bargain and I love those trainers.
    supercute bathroom too :)

  2. Ah lovely, I don't think it looks frumpy at all at that length, and love the colour of that cardie!

  3. Great revamp! I love the tights and boots with it, fabulous styling! xxx

  4. You got a blog award from me - check my blog :o) Loving the whole look, boots are crazy good and the dress is amazing Scarlett x

  5. Chalet Girl fills me with dread. I think it's based on a book of the same name which was dire - could be wrong, but either way I'm not going to see it! Next up for me is the Werner Herzog documentary.

    The dress is lovely and the boots! Oh they're fabbo.

  6. Lovely dress, well done on the alterations!
    I don't think i fancy chalet girl tbh, although i do fancy ed westwick :P
    I still haven't seen 'never let me go' so thats next on my list...

  7. great outfit. I love the dress and the boots and the colors look so efortless but well matched.


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