Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A 'new dress' and more movies

So yesterday I had to go into work cause some insurance guy was coming to fix a chip in my car windscreen, and me being dense, thot I was gonna be at work when I made the appointment. However I didn't change it cause I live in scumville and there was every chance some lowlife would see it getting fixed then put a brick thru it ( you think I'm joking...).

Anyway... off I went to work, and did some time-wasting by getting my weekly shop at the neighbouring supermarket and previewing Chalet Girl. Which was tragic. Totally not surprising, altho it started well - some mild swear words were thrown about (not condoning swearing, just find the films I like usually have them!) and the whole female cast were gorge, so I was paying some attention. But somewhere along the line it just became bland and predictable (ok it was always predictable), plus I think Ed Westwick is meant to be a big deal, but I have no clue who he is and he had a rather distracting accent - think somewhere between British and Australian... I gave it 2 stars but in hindsight it really only deserves 1 I think.

Ok, mega long review over, here's what I wore!
Blazer - charity shop £2.50
Cardi - charity shop £2
Pullover - charity shop £1
Blouse - M&S, rather old
Jeans - DP Tall £20ish
Boots - New Look £20
Some close ups - couldn't even begin to guess how often I've worn this blouse...
Kinda love accessorising my pony-tails - if its not a scarf its some kiddy bobbles or a bow clip

Did a quick run to one of my fave charity shops before work - not been there in weeks and was pleased to pick up a few goodies. Found this vintage M&S dressing gown for £2, its so pretty and when I got it home I realised I had one of their nightdresses in the same fabric that I planned to wear as a dress this summer. Which brings me to my point - can this work as a dress? It just seems too pretty to wear as an actual dressing gown, so I added a slip, belt and my new sandals (ignore the tags!) and tested it out. I quite liked it, but would everyone on the street look at me and think 'why is she wearing a nightie out?!'

Close up of the pretty detailing
Also found a couple of pretty 'pony-tail' scarves for 50p each...
...and a cute gingham blouse for £1. Ok now I gotta stop buying summer clothes, seriously this time! Especially since we had a bit of a snowstorm earlier...



  1. It would totally work. I'd stitch some cerise ric-rac to the sleeves and hem.xxx

  2. i love the print, so darling :) xx

  3. I'd be thinking "Want. That. Dress!" It's utterly gorgeous.

    Love the floral blouse and pretty jumper combo as well. You have the best luck in charity shops!

  4. Very pretty dress.

    Great charity haul!

    X x x

  5. Great buys, defo get away with wearing it as a dress - least you know no one else will be stealing your thunder with the same dress - love love love the look. Scarlett x

  6. Lovely dressing gown! Can't help thinking you need to do a little something to it though - like Vix said maybe some embellishment, or maybe make the sleeves a little less flouncy? I'm not much help am I - I'm sure you'll make it work tho! xx

  7. It def works as a dress, its so cute. You got some great charity shop pieces. I always have a look but don't often find anything much.

  8. I see you work in a cinema- me too! That dressing gown totally works as a dress, I hadn't even registered that it was a dressing gown!

  9. i have been after a gingham sleeveless bouse for waaay too long, good find!
    and i love all the layers in your outfit, esp the ponytail scarf!! :)

  10. Yeah, it can definantely work as a dress with some bold jewellery and accessories. I love the New Look boots too!


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