Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The People's Palace visit...

As promised, here's some of the pics I took on our 'educational' trip to the museum on Sunday. The exhibitions were so random but great fun, and I did actually learn some, despite what I may say!

Here's the outside, just so you know what to look for if you ever find yourself in Glasgow :)
The gardens and cafe, so pretty (and excellent cakes!)
Had to get Sean posing a bit!
Found a swimwear display of vintage costumes - how cute are these kiddie ones from the 50s?!
The adult ones not so much...
Apparently the Barrowland Ballroom was the place to be 50 years ago...
...I'd certainly have been there if I could dress in this!
Some costumes from Rab C Nesbitt (Scottish tv show from 80s/90s for all the non Scot readers!)
Love this poster, looks so inspirational
Some embroidered postcards, v pretty and intricate, they were sent to a soldier from his wife during World War II
There was an old kitchen set - loving this stove!
Found a vintage sewing pattern! (I did say it was random!)
Spotted this pic of a woman wearing a Beatles dress, which I thought was just awesome, despite knowing next to nothing about the Beatles (I know, I'm ashamed!)
Good wee free day out, I'd definitely go back for another nosy any time



  1. That looks fascinating! I love the kind of museum that shows real-life, working class people rather than the idle rich. xxx

  2. What a fabulous place! Loving the swim wear :o) Scarlett x

  3. I've been there! We visited Glasgow for a few days about 8 years ago and went on an open top bus tour that took us there. It's a great afternoon's entertainment!

    K xx

  4. Oh that looks like great fun!

    I like that red bikini very much and the pink dress and costumes are brilliant.

    ps - don't be ashamed - I work partly in Beatles tourism and I know sod all about them!

  5. It looks fabulous. I agree with Vix it's nice to see the little slices of the lives people like you and I must have led, rather than fine chinese silk rugs and the like.

  6. love the 50s outfits, and looks like yuou had a nice day :)

  7. looks like u had a great day, love the collection of photos :) x

  8. Haven't been to the People's Palace in so long. It is a fab place! Love your pictures, they really show of the eclectic array of things on show. x


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