Monday, 7 March 2011

Shoes and shenanigans

Spent the weekend in Glasgow this week, and much fun was had as usual. I had some guest tickets left on my discount card, so we went to the cinema and each picked a movie - Sean chose I am Number Four in Imax and I was dying to see West is West. Both were only ok, Number Four was really only picked cause we've seen everything else! But the novelty of Imax isn't lost on me, that was excellent! (altho before they put my discount thru, the ticket price comes up - £24 for 2 Imax Premier seat tickets! If I had to pay clearly I'd need another hobby!) West is West just wasn't as funny as the original, bit of a let down. The trip to Frankie and Benny's afterwards helped ease the disappointment tho hehe.

We took some pics down at the Quay afterwards, being the total awesome posers that we are...
Tried to take some outfit pics but it wasn't really happening. I was wearing the vintage skirt I got a few weeks ago (now taken in and fitting better!) with a v old skull tshirt and an even older Topshop skinny fit hoodie, which is showing signs that I love it to death...
Then we took more random pics before watching another film - this one's my fave :)
Here's Sunday's outfit - we went a jaunt to the Peoples Palace, where I got loads more fun pictures that I'll share soon, then to Sean's parents house for dinner, which was awesome.
Handmade dress
Cardi - Long Tall Sally years ago
Hoodie - Topshop many many years ago
Platforms - Jessica Simpson, possibly older than the hoodie!
I promise not all my clothes are a billion years old! Well not the ones I bought new anyway... Spent the weekend in my platforms, which were surpringly comfy, esp after Sean's dad punched more holes in the straps and made them fit better! (years of wearing them and NOW they decide to be too big...)

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!



  1. I love that handmade dress, the fabric is so beautiful and it really suits you.
    Dying to see West Is West. xxx

  2. I echo what Vix said about the dress - it's gorgeous!

    Sounds like a fab weekend :)

    I went to see the Adjustment Bureau on Sat and loved it. Hurrah!

  3. love all your weekend outfit pictures, looks like a lovely weekend :) Xx

  4. What a fab weekend, you look amazing in all your outfits! Great happy photos too :o) Scarlett x

  5. I love your skirts and heels, would love to get out of my 'outside work' rut of jeans but they're just so easy to slob about in!!


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