Thursday, 3 March 2011

Skirts, glorious skirts...

Finally got round to making a dent in my 'to alter' pile of clothes so thought I'd share some. Unfortunately I didn't think to take 'before' pics until, eh, after, so you'll juts have to use your imagination and trust I've made everything look better now, haha.
These 2 skirts were found on my beloved 10p table - the navy one was about a size 50 before I hacked half the pleats (and length) off and my mum kindly sewed all the buttons back on, the olive one was knee length and just a little big in the waist, I fancied a mini for a change so it got attacked too. Thinking I'll test it with over the knee socks and a cute blouse at the weekend...
Close up of the buttons on the navy skirt - the main reason I picked it up, can't resist pretty vintage buttons!
This skirt came with a matching blouse, but again I attacked the length to stop it looking too 'grannyish'. Kinda love it now, altho annoyingly its a little tight, gotta get in better shape!
Close up of the pattern - polka dots AND florals, my fave!
Another 10p find - I just can't resist vintage M&S (or 2011 M&S for that matter...) or florals so was thrilled to find this. Was a bit big so took in the sides and shortened the sleeves a bit. Still swithering over the length (I just don't do below the knee!) - it may be altered again soon!
Isn't it pretty? :)
Ok for some reason this pic ended up turned round so you'll just have to squint! This is from my Principles days - its a fancy silver party skirt and I used to wear it to work with ballet pumps and chunky jumpers, thought I looked great haha! Basically this only needed taking in at the waist a bit, still love it tho so trying to decide how to style it now...

Quick movie update - this morning I watched Unknown, gave it 2 stars - I have a HUGE Liam Neeson crush right now so was looking forward to it, but it was just a bit flat, although not exactly predictable, so it got an extra point for the kinda twist! Last week was Drive Angry 3D previews - one of the cinema managers watched it with me and we both declared it 'ridiculous and hilarious'. Seriously, this film was so bad it was good! Go see it now people! (Come on, Nic Cage's hair in glorious 3D, whats not to like?!)



  1. 10p!!!! Thats fantastic - would love to visit the 10p table! Great work on those skirts - super cute. Scarlett x

  2. Cunning trick, not showing before pics, but it looks like you've done a great job! Love the navy skirt especially. I really must train myself to be more open minded when looking at clothes in charity shops because often all it'll take is to shorten the hemline a bit to modernise something - thanks for the inspiration! x

  3. Very nice (I am tempted to do a similar post - "yes, this one is one I completely redesigned, HONEST!") - and yes, WHERE is this 10p table of which you speak? Lucky to find something for £3 round here...

  4. I love the print of that patterned skirt. You've done a great job on the revamping, they look so professional I'd never have guessed they'd been altered. xxx

  5. oh, i wish i had a ten pence table in one of my local charity shops! the buttons on the navy skirt are lovely, plus the vintage m&s dress is so pretty. xx

  6. i love that M&S dress, how perfect!! :)

  7. Oh I love it all! I really must attack my mending and alterations pile.

  8. great finds! i love that navy pleated skirt.


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